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Hi M,

Have you visited any Wright Bros.' places on your current trip? Am to the last chapter of the delightfully comic book "Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard" by Kiran Desai, and will get back into "The Wright Brothers' " book by David McCullough you gave me for my birthday soon. Would love to be able to re-live or experience their actual early flight experiments in a realistic virtual earth, think Google Street View with time slider. How far are you staying from Kitty Hawk? (Looks like it's nearly 6 hours away ... )

I built my fifth robot yesterday from the Lego Education WeDo 2.0 robotics' tutorials, and this one is on wheels, and I can make it move on my table from my computer screen remotely, with a little program I put together with programming/coding blocks. Cool ... and fun. Don't know if I'll get to a Wright Bros' plane in Lego which will be flyable, but Lego drone planes are on the horizon probably.

Scottish Country Dancing last night in Berkeley was fun again, after Wednesday SCD in Mountain View. Linda Henderson, who is from near Edinburgh originally, taught the class, which is typically very enjoyable, and somehow quite Scottish. She's written a dance called Saltire (after the Scots' flag), which we danced ... and the origins of the St. Andrew's cross and flag emerge from 832 CE not far from where she grew up in East Lothian (a quite old part of the world) - interesting. Doing such social dancing more frequently gets me stronger / fitter ... which generates wellness as well. Curious about a kind of creation of Scottish Country Dance Yoga - think I'll have to invent this, for range of movement, a kind of moving meditation?, and for articulating various expressions of SCD and Yogic freedom, and well-being neurophysiology, and re what I'll call their "subcultures." And maybe I can build and bring a life-size Lego robot which can Scottish Country Dance next week to a class. :)

Enjoying language-learning Hangouts with Peter Bothe in group video in an ongoing way ... emergent culture there in group video in a sense ... and re World University.

How are your travels going? How are you? Have a good trip home. Talk with you perhaps tomorrow to welcome you home.

L, Scott


Hi M,

Speaking of flight, check out this Skydio flying drone camera video - - which I learned of from this MIT article .


Thanks, Linda, for your very enjoyable SCD class last night.

Per my "trivia" question about the oldest Scottish country dance you know of, I looked this up and found:

Maxwell's Rant - 1752

Montgomeries' Rant - 1749


and that SCD gained in popularity after 1745 ...

"Caledonian Country Dances" became popular in ... London Society in the decades after the rebellion of 1745. [3]

These dances are old. And many groups of people seem to have been enjoying the same figures over many centuries - which seems a bit loopy to me.

Curious how to begin to compare the neurophysiology of happiness / bliss / neural cascades of pleasure - comparatively with brain wave headsets into a realistic virtual earth at the cellular and atomic levels, for example - between say Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) ... and ...  see: :)

Thanks too for your great "Saltire" dance!

Cheers, Scott


Designing a WARM POOL in Google Earth
Site Modeling in Sketchup  ~ VISIT THE HARBIN GATE HERE ... ~ To … and … SOAKING from home in bathtub at virtual Harbin in Cardboard while hanging in pool area?
See, too:

Fish locomotion: MIT Robotic fish, Looks like it comes out of submarine design thinking. Wonder how it could emerge into Harbiniana, a new physical/virtual Robot~I can give & receive Watsu well, How can I make my own google expedition? (and for ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy … of Harbin soaking @HarbinBook, for ex.?, Designing a building in Google Earth, Site Modeling in Sketchup



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