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14-spotted Ladybird: Recent Chadbourne / Brown / MacLeod family history, Here's a photo of us, M, ... And some other fairly recent photos (of Scott MacLeod - moi)


With regard to this recent Chadbourne / Brown / MacLeod family history I posted earlier today, July 5, 2018 - :

Hi M,

You might enjoy this tweet from yesterday, which I posted to my two Twitter feeds below:

Happy 4th of July & Independence Day! Methinks I have an ancestor who accepted the sword of surrender from the British in 1780 - "as George Washington's second in command, he formally accepted the British surrender at Yorktown" ( …) … ~

Interesting that Theodore Lincoln Chadbourne isn’t in Wikipedia, but I found this about him newly -*.html

But here you can read some of Theodore Lincoln Chadbourne's letters right now from 1845 -

These may be pictures of Theodore Chadbourne -

And Dad is in Wikipedia -

As are my two books listed here - - and someone has added recently the OCLC number, next to the ISBN for "Naked Harbin Ethnography." (I think a woman named Merrilee Proffitt put it there. She's a colleague / digital friend in the Bay Area who went to Cal, who's a OCLC librarian in the affiliated with Wikipedia's Online
Computer Library Center project). And as you know WUaS donated itself for co-development to Wikidata/Wikibase in 2015 (which is Wikipedia's structured knowledge database "backend"), and received our new "front end" wiki last year in 2017 called WUaS Miraheze MediaWiki of which this JS Bach wiki page is an example - - but our "front end" isn't yet connected with our Wikidata "backend".

Glad to have heard from David Thurs today. I continue to be curious about L, and it's interesting to me that his brother Ell's long time partner is G in these regards.

With regard to both family history, American history and the 4th of July, you might enjoy my colorful post from yesterday -

Time to read in full the books - Nancy Horan's "Loving Frank" and Jim Corder's "Hunting Lieutenant Chadbourne" :)

And have you looked through this before - ? What would you add to it, both text/evidence-wise - or oral history-wise, beyond what you mentioned last night, that Aunt Martha knew Eleanor Roosevelt through the International League of Women Voters and related groups?
(What did they talk about?:) So, so much is missing from history ... into a realistic virtual earth - think Google Street View with Time Slider - and for adding videos, of which I would think there might be some of Aunt Martha Briscoe ... and then to turn this into 3D interactivity with avatar bots.

Hoping to hear back from the NSF soon ... and heading to Stanford this evening for a talk.

How are you and what are you up to today? It was nice to talk with you last night.

Love, Scott


Hi M,

Thai basel is doing well, while the other 4 veggies seems to be flourishing. Haven't quite figured out how much water my "garden in a box" drinks per day ... there's about a two inch space below the earth, which I replenish through a tube ... which the soil apparently then "wicks" up from below ... hypothesizing half a watering can a day ... 

Think I'm going to take care of my Hair issue, Ma, by cutting it all off today :) ... though a great musical about "Hair" was made in 1967 .... re 'Hair' issues:) ... and even though long-ish Hair today, being unusual, could help with WUaS outreach ...

But perhaps I can do something with the length ... an almost bowl cut re Jonathan Lovell's - :) He's a professor of English at San Jose State University. Of the pictures I sent you recently (below again), I think I like the science fiction one from some years ago ... (Piping at a Birthday Party in the S.F. Bay Area ... GHB - bagpiping in front of the science fiction bookshelf in Berkeley) ...

L, Scott

Hi M, 

Here's a photo of us, M: 

Pittsburgh - Xmas
Searched on "Haiku~ish and scott macleod" and a bunch of other things I do, and found the following photos:

L, Scott

And some other fairly recent photos (of Scott MacLeod - moi): 

Stanford Quad - Harbin bookmark 

Amazon author's photo

Bookshelf in Hangout

With Stanford CS Prof Don Knuth

Bagpiping at Harbin  - Easter 2005

Palo Alto Meetup - re Quickbooks and single cryptocurrency/UBI as financial assistive technology

Rees and Scott (I gave bagpiping lessons to Rees a few years ago) +

Livermore protest (anti-nuclear) up close

TSWG - Berkeley

Open Band (Scottish Country Dancing in Berkeley) Halloween

BBBS - in Berkeley - Scottish small pipes

Livermore protest

with Stanford University Computer Science emeritusDon Knuth

Aphilo Aarde in Second Life, my avatar 

WUaS Business Meeting in Hangout 

Naked Harbin Ethnography talks in multiple Hangout videos

Bagpiping jabot


Bagpiping - Scottish small pipes

BBBS (Betsy, Barbara, Barbara, Scott)

Small piping in front of book case and key board

Scottish small pipes - Steve 

Great Highland Bagpiping - Reed College

GHB - Balclutha ship

GHB - Canyon, California

GHB - Pleasanton

GHB - bagpiping in front of the science fiction bookshelf in Berkeley

GHB - Moraga, CA

By Catherine Vodrey

New Bedford Whaling Museum (Massachusetts)
Society and Information Technology teaching


Purple Nutsedge: Frontier? Build it in a realistic virtual earth, i.e. this realistic VIRTUAL flag first ...



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