Friday, July 6, 2018

Amelanchier alnifolia: Stanford - How Understanding Human Behavior Can Unlock Environmental Change

Hi Jen, (and Gregg and Anna),

Thanks for 'problematizing' behavioral change re environmentalism the way you did yesterday in your edifying Stanford talk -

In developing CC-4 MIT OCW-centric World University and School - which is like Wikipedia in 301 languages with CC-4 MIT OCW in 5 languages, and which also seeks to build on CC Yale OYC - I thought you might be interested in the following related-to-your-studies' wiki subject pages:

Check out / please add further MIT OCW and Yale OYC courses - eventually for credit. (Eventually these wiki subject pages will connect with their "back end" Wikidata / Wikibase structured knowledge database - also in 301 languages). (WUaS is planning to offer online Bachelor, Ph.D., Law, M.D. and I.B. high school degrees in each of all ~200 countries' official languages, as well as wiki schools for open teaching and learning in all 7097 living languages). Jen, WUaS is also planning an online Music School, e.g. -

Jen, what were the post-BF Skinner (operant conditioning / schedules of reinforcement) psychologists/authors you mentioned when we talked? (Nice to talk too, Anna!).

FYI, World University and School is seeking to hire online GSIs this autumn to teach to MIT OCW faculty in video (conceptually) in Google group video Hangouts, toward free CC-4 MIT OCW-centric Bachelor degrees, and eventually in a realistic virtual earth (which Anna and I talked a bit about). Am curious re your talk, Jen, how such a realistic virtual earth (think Google Street View with time slider / Maps / Earth together with Second Life / OpenSim, but realistic, and eventually at the cellular and atomic levels, and in all 7,097 living languages) might help to understand human behavior and unlock environmental change in new and transformative ways, as it develops for planning, for ecological studies, etc.

Thank you.

Best, Scott

- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President

- World University and School


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