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Painted turtle: MINUTES for World Univ & Sch's monthly business meeting on Dec 8, 2018

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Minutes for Sat Dec. 8, 2018 World University & School
Monthly Business Meeting

-       Larry Viehland (World Univ & Sch Board Chair, and CFO)
-       Scott MacLeod (President, CEO, Professor, Founder, Presiding Clerk +)

IMPORTANT: DATE CHANGE for WUaS Monthly Business Meeting - 

The next World University and School monthly business meeting (open, electronically-mediated and hour-long) will meet on the FIRST Saturday of January 2019 - 1/5/2019 at 9am Pacific Standard Time (and not the second Saturday of the month as is usual). Please let WUaS know at if you'd like to participate, and help grow World University and School. 

Minute A

World University and School will reach out to both Google, as well as to SF City Innovate in developing in seeking to develop a coding team. World Univ & Sch was glad to hear back from both the chair of Stanford's CS department - - as well as Stanford GSE, that they aren't good fits for this after all. WUaS continues to seek to collaborate with Stanford with regards to developing aspects of the World University and School platform. 

Minute B

World University and School is seeking to develop Creative Home Robotics with the Scratch drag and drop programming language, in part, toward Engineering degrees, and building on Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics +. WUaS is planning to attend this San Francisco Scratch Educator Meetup (Reboot!) in these regards. Universitians in the SF Bay Area are welcome to attend this as well -

ScratchEd Team at Harvard GSE
San Francisco Scratch Educator Meetup (Reboot!)
Saturday, January 12, 2019
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Google Community Space 188 The Embarcadero San Francisco , CA 94105

Kick off the new year to learn alongside fellow educators who use Scratch! Scratch ( is a programming language that makes it easy for learners to create their own interactive digital media.

Minute C

Is seeking to begin accreditation early next year with the State of California’s BPPE - -

WUaS is seeking to matriculate its 2nd undergraduate class in English in the autumn of 2019 – of possibly online 500 students from California and around the world.

Minute D

World Univ & Sch Live Hangouts on Air on Mondays at 10 am Pacific Standard Time in Google Hangouts continue - 

World University & School News, Q & A Live Hangout on Air
10 am PT, 5pm UTC/GMT
Topic: Your Questions, Ideas & Thoughts about WUaS (both wings: @WorldUnivAndSch & @WUaSPress) ~ Hangout is hosted by Scott MacLeod

and announcements of this are posted here - 

Minute E

Larry Viehland will contact our first matriculated undergraduate class re end-of-term projects.

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Minutes for Nov 10, 2018 WUaS Corporation Board Meeting

-       Larry Viehland (acting CFO WUaS Corp and Board member)
-       Scott MacLeod (acting President/Recording Clerk, Board member and Founder/Facilitator of the emergent WUaS Corporation)

Minute 1
The WUaS Press will publish its 3rd book in the next weeks, in English -

'Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering & the Poetry of Loving Bliss' @WUaSPress @WorldUnivAndSch "The Japanese practice of 'forest bathing' is scientifically proven" Into #RealisticVirtualHarbin Hot Springs via ~ ~

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