Saturday, February 19, 2011

Croc-bird symbiosis: Would like to add to many World Univ & Sch Subject pages' how the internet is changing / affecting that subject, E.g. Economics

... would like to add to many World University & School Subject pages' academic consideration of how the internet is changing / affecting that subject -

... See, for example, the Economics' subject - - 'How the Internet is changing economics' as well as on when it or related is up again.


... Hi R!,

What's up with I continue to be eager to use the resources, and to add to it. Is it up in wordpress form yet? I wasn't quite clear about what the web developer you talked to said. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Scott


v frustrating. many urgent & imminent deadlines. help me find MediaWiki guru to hasten what will take me hours of research & tweaking to fix? have SQL backup, shoulda done XML as well. had to switch domain name servers & that alone took nearly 72 hrs to take effect. is at top of priorities, however have many top priorities right now >_<


... looking for dedicated MediaWiki developer myself, for WUaS for 3000-8000 languages and 200 countries and Universal Translator in mind ... Semantic Wiki email list?


update: things are progressing rapidly today. first restore, redirect domain & put back online, then make myriad backups, later will transfer to wordpress upon configuration of theme and content layout/connection scheme... you will be co-admin & visitors can register for full access & editing options.. scotty do you copy?


Great and thank you so, so much, Jenny ... reducing spam headaches at Webnographers is one main goal ...

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