Monday, February 14, 2011

Tortoises in the mist: Harbin Hot Springs, Freedom, Agency, All Languages, Linguistics, Universal Translator

There's freedom at Harbin (

- agency -

here's a poem about this, in part-

'I do choose to write the muse of bliss unfolding': ... :)


There's freedom at WUaS - building on MIT Open Course Ware as academic standard - and making possible open, wiki- Teaching & Learning in a free & friendly way ... invitation to add a subject ... - a people-ideas opportunity :)

People are freely teaching & learning online in so many ways

... and WUaS will aggregate these as a wiki-metadirectory, in 3000-8000 languages

... Wikipedia, the online wiki-encyclopedia, by way of comparison, is in around 272 languages ...

are there 8000 languages??? Wow!

... ‎There are 6,900 and some languages, according to 'The Ethnologue'

plus human-invented languages, 'dead' languages, (computer languages, etc.).

World University & School - -

will help to identify ALL of them, and wiki-facilitate teaching & learning resources in them, too :)

Invitation to add a language, and a school :)

Here's The Ethnologue's web site -

World Univ & Sch would also like to build on Google Translate and 2 or 3 other parallel projects to develop a Universal Translator, based on the WUaS Languages' page :)

Good intro to linguistics? See World University & School Linguistics' subject - - and particularly Victoria Fromkin et al.'s 'Introduction to Language' :)

( - February 14, 2011)

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