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Elephant seals in surf: Chapter 4-Place & Time, Visuality & Harbin – The Harbin Valley – Traveling to & from Harbin – Immersion - Presence, Pool Area

Harbin ethnography:

... Lastly I examine questions of immersion in the waters as well as 'oneness,' 'nowness' and 'presence' at Harbin, due to the waters and hippy, New Age ways of thinking, as well as the senses of timeliness there.

Chapter 4: Place and Time

Visuality and Harbin – The Harbin Valley – Traveling to and from Harbin – Immersion - Presence

Visuality and Harbin

Wind along the road from the town to the springs

Wind along the road from the town to the springs,
and you will come to a gate.
Talk to them there and enter.
Wander up the way to the pools where we gather,
to rest in the beauty of the waters.
You and we change, releasing into the waters,
naked and free.
Come home.
Sit in the sun on the deck, talk with friends.
The dragon-back ridge line,
high up away in the close distance,
covered with chaparral, is alive in the light.
And you are living anew in Harbin harmony.

(Scott MacLeod – January 2, 2008)

The pool area at Harbin is very visual, - seeing others naked, particularly, seems to have been designed for, and is significant, and, I hypothesize, eases people's minds and is one important aspect of Harbin which people visit for. ...

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