Thursday, February 10, 2011

Salt Flats Flamingos: The pool area at Harbin is very visual, Nudity, Organic-to-Harbin, and northern California, architecture

Harbin ethnography:

... And you are living anew in Harbin harmony.
(Scott MacLeod – January 2, 2008)

The pool area at Harbin is very visual, - seeing others naked, particularly, seems to have been designed for, and is significant, and, I hypothesize, eases people's minds, and is one important aspect of Harbin which people visit for. This Harbin visuality has informed, even, a kind of organic-to-Harbin and northern California, architecture. Harbin's valley is also very beautiful. With nearly 10 months of sun a year, it seems, visual opportunities, particularly vis-a-vis the pools, are many, heightened, and further 'normalized.' Hippies themselves can dress in very colorful ways, often drawing on clothing and styles from all over the world, often acquired while traveling around the world; Harbin's visitors can wear very colorful clothing and no clothing at all, (and a fair number of men have long hair, these days, too), extending the significance of visuality (and hippie-ness at Harbin. Clothing-optionalness is a kind of music to some, and has been significant to Harbin from at the least 1972, when Ishvara bought the property. The clothing-optionalness, the hippie-clothing and the relaxed way of life there, all emerge significantly from the countercultural 1960s, I suggest here, in response to modernity, - particularly in alternative, regenerative and freedom-seeking ways that are rooted in Harbin as place.

“Once one leaves Middletown, California, there are about 3 miles of beautiful, relatively untouched land, a kind of wonderland (for me) before one comes to the Harbin gate, and a welcome transition to a place of ease. ...

( - February 10, 2011)

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