Thursday, February 3, 2011

Haystack: Generation of virtual Harbin, Coherence, cohesiveness and differentiating characteristics,

Harbin ethnography:

... It is in the intersection of actual and virtual Harbin as method that I hope to create more predicaments of culture vis-a-vis ethnographic representation, - but new ones.

In the generation of virtual Harbin in a multimedia, 3-D, virtual world like Second Life, the coherence, cohesiveness and differentiating characteristics (Clifford) that emerge, now find form in multimedia and the 'virtual,' thus moving the challenges/problems of ethnographic representation beyond their rootedness in text and single authors. And as a form of generativity of interactive, sociocultural processes, including communication, as well as generative archiving, virtual world multimedia representations of Harbin, with opportunities for intersections, for example, between actual Watsu in the physical waters of the Harbin warm pool, and virtual Watsu, interacting through one's computer, even while in one's home bath tub, create very new ethnographic methods and intersections, especially vis-a-vis interactivity, virtuality and multimedia.

While in generating both textual interpretations of both actual Harbin as well as virtual Harbin, as it unfolds, I will engage my notes and Harbin texts and histories as documents, which have significance as symbolic record of an unfolding ethnographic history of 'oneness' and 'now' in Harbin's terms, such an approach generates new questions of ethnographic authority. ...

( - February 3, 2011)

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