Friday, December 9, 2011

Dolphin surfing: Whale and dolphin play, "Surfing," wiki subject at World University & School? Pittsburgh Sharers? (not:)

Whale and dolphin play ... :)

may add photo to WUaS's Interspecies Communication wiki subject - :)

StMe: heart


How do these two species communicate the whale nose surfing below? (I've added photo to WUaS's interspecies communication wiki subject page -

... Interspecies' sonar?

head butting?

swimming together first, and signaling play by bumping?


Haven't started a "Surfing," wiki subject at World University & School, but may

... surfing will be interesting particularly in developing virtual worlds ... :)

DW: very cool

DW: Scott, I'm going to pirate this. Must be shared!!! Thanks.


Consider it shared ... think we could name a baseball team the Sharers, let alone the Pittsburgh Sharers? (not:)

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