Monday, December 12, 2011

Elaphurus davidianus: Growing American military targeting of China?, WUaS in Chinese for Peace? The Spanish Revolution & the Internet

What do you think about the possible growing American military targeting of China?

In what ways might providing a free, online Chinese World University and School university

with free, online, accredited Law and Medical schools, in Chinese, help in tiny ways to re-focus these tensions toward peace?

See Khan Academy China, for example ...

Jo Pa:

According to Wired, the US Military ran a military wargame involving economics and china came out the winner. With the US position in the world deteriorating in terms of financial clout, this isn't surprising at this point in the ballgame.


Can we make a Quaker peace video game for complementary analyses, with similar rigorous and precise parameters vis-a-vis programming, and generate a variety of different analyses? History, socioculture (anthropology) and economics - all social sciences - are unfoldingly difficult to quantify and make precise, especially for the purposes of programming and game building ...


Salman Khan (founder of Khan Academy), Stanford Professor Sebastian Thrun, and Peter Norvig, Director of Google Research, recently participated in a live Google+ Hangout on Air - on Friday, December 9th at 1pm PST, - on the topic of "Reinventing Education". 10 people at a time could join the hangout, and others could watch but not join. Everyone can vote on questions at See you there!

Thanks to Salman, Sebastian and Peter for this Google + Hangout opportunity! I hope World University & School - like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course (planned for all 3,000-8,000 languages and 200 countries, and with free degrees planned in 50-100 countries) - can become part of this conversation ... ... and looking forward to participating in it, and you're invited, as well.

I added their talk - - to WUaS's Artificial Intelligence wiki subject - ...


I was wondering if Salman Khan is related to Jansher Khan who won eight world open championships in squash. The family is world famous. They practiced originally with brooms and cloth balls after sweeping the courts for the Brits back in the day. But the name could be common.


I think there are a lot of Khans ... I'll ask if I get the opportunity ...


The Spanish Revolution & the Internet: From free culture to meta-politics ... Harvard online talk, from November, 22 2011 - ...


Here are the very beginnings of the Spanish WUaS -

which you are invited to develop, as wiki.

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