Friday, December 2, 2011

Kestrel in India: ‎"Really? The Claim: Yoga Can Help Manage Pain," Columbia Univ Anthropology Prof Chatterjee, Hinduism's Sacred Texts, OLPC India

‎"Really? The Claim: Yoga Can Help Manage Pain" -

and "Yoga and Stretching Equally Effective for Back Pain" -

... upcoming resources for the WUaS wiki Yoga subject -

{I prefer Angela & Victor's approaches to Yoga, compared with the vast array of other approaches ... they're hippies, ~ still :}


added 3 books by Columbia University anthropology professor Partha Chatterjee

(whom I just heard give a paper at Stanford, and with whom I inquired about what the academic subject of Anthropology in the Bengali or Hindi languages is like these days)

and an archive of Hinduism's Sacred Texts -

to WUaS's India, wiki, subject page -

(also added this latter resource to


also added OLPC India to the above WUaS India page -

(Here's the World Univ & Sch OLPC page, too -


Two, new, wiki subjects at WUaS - Carnatic Music (south India), -

and WUaS Broadband Development (part of WUaS's mission), -

(check out the MIT OCW here)

with an invitation to make music, learn, teach or engage,

and to help make further available open educational resources to people's around the world,

through internet access.


In many ways, World University & School is much more than great open course ware, references and open video teaching and learning. It's really about facilitating to teach and learn now, openly, in the moment, with information technology and on the internet.


The Flower Duet (Lakmé)

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