Friday, December 9, 2011

Saturday's Total Lunar Eclipse: Next World Univ & Sch Meeting for Business is tomorrow and you're invited, WUaS Google + profile & WUaS Annual Appeal

Next World University & School Meeting for Business

is this Saturday, December 10, at 1 pm Pacific Time.

It's open, and consensus-based.

Please email for conference call phone number,

if you'd like to participate ...

(like Wikipedia with MIT OCW) ...

(Google + group video is possible in the future, as well, so email if interested).


World University & School -

is on Google + and this is its NEW G + address -

and you can link to the WUaS Google + page from here:

with an invitation to edit a WUaS page -

Please add WUaS G + page from your Google + profile!!!


World University & School's Annual Appeal letter

(a 501 c 3 tax exempt educational organization / university)

for open, wiki, worldwide education with free degrees,

accrediting on MIT Open Course Ware, is here -

... and here -

... creating learning & teaching opportunities for people around the globe.

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