Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solstice: I sing the praise of extraordinary 'Language,' not Languages, Linguistics, Philosophy of Language, Artificial Intelligence, Universal Trans

I sing the praise of extraordinary 'Language'

with this new, wiki, subject page at World University & School:

This new 'Language' page is not

A) the 'Languages' {All 3,000-8,000} page at WUaS: -

and it's also not B) the WUaS Linguistics' subject page:

(with so many MIT OCW linguistics' courses) and it's also not

C) WUaS's 'Philosophy of Language,' wiki, subject page -

This new subject page is also neither

D) about {WUaS's} 'Artificial Intelligence' page - - or

E) Computer Science languages -


F) Programming languages -

nor the

F) wiki, WUaS Universal Translator:

While it may inform, and articulate with, many of these other WUaS language-subjects,

it's actually for wiki-conversation about the 'extraordinary' in language,

about what might make it harmonizing and so wondrous and so beautiful,

as well as what makes it unique and exceptional,

and how this might be

... and so that we can converse about this.


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