Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Northern Flicker: Digital teaching & learning of engineering (with a MIT OCW / Stanford focus), i-Programmer, WUaS Computer Science, WUaS as Innovator

WUaS would like to make possible teaching & learning engineering

(with a MIT OCW focus),

but digitally, beginning here -

for one:)

(I hope WUaS can make the oceans and the land to engineer on,

with avatars,

building on something like Google Earth in OpenSim for Tablets, too, for example,

... and in furthering the development of virtual worlds -

in the WUaS Learning Sphere,

a virtual earth world, eventually with 3- 100 million species).


"Stanford University is offering the online world more of its undergraduate level CS courses. These free courses consist of You Tube videos with computer-marked quizzes and programming assignments " -

They're here:

Stanford's i-Programmer -

(At least one of these courses is a UC Berkeley computer science course).

... And WUaS is adding these to its Computer Science wiki, subject page -

and Programming, wiki, subject pages -

Eight, free, new, programming courses, beginning February, 2012, lasting 10 weeks, and online enrollment is now open, at i-Programmer.


In what ways could developing World University & School

become a great information technological innovator,

as an online university in all 3,000-8,000 languages

besides developing an universal translator

engaging Artificial Intelligence

and building on great online Open Course Ware,

such as MIT OCW -

and Stanford's i-Programmer

as well as an all-instrument, all language Music School -

... with an invitation to edit a wiki page.


In many ways, World University & School is

much more than great open course ware

(MIT OCW, Yale OYC, Stanford i-Programmer, etc.),

references and open video teaching and learning.

It's really about facilitating to teach and learn NOW,

openly, in the moment,

with information technology and on the internet ...

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