Friday, December 30, 2011

Marsh Henna: Exciting - Online, wiki, virtual World University & School to STUDY HOW students learn

Exciting: Online, wiki, virtual World University & School, with its first, matriculating, Bachelor's degree class in 2014, and with its free degrees (Bachelor's, Ph.D., Law and M.D.), accrediting on MIT Open Course Ware, will be able to STUDY HOW students learn, quite rigorously, - - because this will be mediated by the web. (Reed College undergraduate degrees - required humanities/junior qualifying exams/senior thesis - plus required freshman biology, with widespread computer programming, the equivalent of 32 MIT/great (and rigorous) courses over 4 years, and with a significant engineering/technology focus - are one model for WUaS's undergraduate degrees). And, by beginning to offer free, online MIT OCW High School ( courses in fall 2012 - for free in Google + group video conference Hangouts partly - WUaS will be able to design research paradigms for studying higher education learning, {as well as FUN in learning, especially:}. WUaS hopes to collaborate richly with MIT OCW ( as well as possibly with MITx ( (And here's MIT Blossoms -



‎Scott MacLeod - seems you're on the right track with your open World University and School , cheering for you! ty Amy :)

The Intelligent University

Francisco Jaime Quesado is the general manager of the Innovation and Knowledge Society in Portugal


India to eliminate Animal Dissection, and use computer simulations instead ... ... will add to World Univ & Sch's Ahimsa/Nonharming wiki subject page - ... and perhaps the India wiki, subject page ... ... which is the starting place for the India World University & School.

... and perhaps to the WUaS Research subject page ...


‎... lots of implications for World University and School with these predictions for computing ... ... ...

WUaS wants to develop with the internet, as it changes, as well as becomes more interactive, immersive, integrative of media elements, develops new forms of narrativity, and extends hypermedia (Packer & Jordan).


In the developing design of WUaS, WUaS is planning to wiki facilitate creativity in interacting with it ... check out this page, as one example of web page design, in a Grateful Dead vein ... ... but there's so much creative artistic possibility here ... and here ... ... and :)


This is really beautiful ... ... 'Willin' and all of them ... Patti Cobb :)

Uncle John's Band here ... with harmony :)

I wanna sing harmony like this ... ... or even learn eventually how to teach singing like this :)


UC Berkeley Professor of Anthropology Nancy Scheper-Hughes on the Crisis of the Public University ... ... World University & School ... ... plans to be a solution to some aspects of this crisis, but still, significantly, needs monies to do so ... please donate here - - Thank you! and students will also thank you for this opportunity to study, teach (at wiki WUaS) and learn, - engaging MIT Open Course Ware.


Inspiring "Festival of Learning" video -

- about January 27-28, 2012, MIT gathering - ! ... thinking about adding each subject in the video to the wiki, Subjects' page - - at World University & School, but I think it's better if the teachers in this Festival of Learning video add their subjects. I will, however, add this video itself to the above WUaS Subjects' page itself in its references. The MIT Media Lab's 'Festival of Learning' this January 2012 reminds me of Reed College's Paideia festival, also in January, where people teach to each other (and like at wiki World Univ. & Sch., too - here in conjunction with MIT Open Course Ware, with free Bachelor, Ph.D., Law, and M.D. degrees planned) :)

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