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Salal (Gaultheria shallon): WUaS Brain Wave Headsets & covid-19 tests for 7.8 billion people * * Reed College's neuroscience undergraduate Bachelor degree requirements * * * Hiking * * * What would a Nontheist Friends' Journal entail?


Some further good ideas ...

WUaS Brain Wave Headsets & covid-19 tests for 7.8 billion people

World Univ & Sch seeks to facilitate brain science from home w #WUaSBrainWaveHeadsets doing research & toward free-to-students' degrees eg re & in partnering with edX in +in #RealisticVirtualEarth w 7k languages' focus @sgkmacleod ~


How could @WorldUnivAndSch best extend #covid19 tests to all 7.8 billion peoples' #AvatatBotElectronicMedicalRecords

as #WikidataQitem # in 7117 living languages & ~200 countries' Med Schs' to test from smart phones in #RealisticVirtualEarthForGenetics ?

Hi Tym, 

How are you? I hope this finds you well, hail and hearty!

Are you getting out hiking these days, and in these ongoing times of covid-19 quarantine? Do you think we'll be hiking in 100 years from now, or heading to Harbin even together, actually or virtually?

Here's the Harvard MIT Professor of Genetics' George Church brief video interview about this - - and further, and newly, here he mentions being involved in 2 of the 3 large biotech firms in Cambridge, and much, much more, in an interesting conversation -  
George Church - The Origins Podcast with Lawrence Krauss--FULL VIDEO

What are you up to today and these days? Here's my list for the rest of the day and ahead: 

write book - 
"Light, Float, Sit, Watsu ~ Virtually: Bodymind Electricity Sings to Me at Harbin Hot Springs & Other Traveling Poems"

record for Scottish Small Pipes' album  - 
"Honey in the Bag" 

write UC Berkeley Tourism Studies' talk for 12/18/20 - 
"Creating a realistic virtual earth for tourism and tourism studies with actual-virtual Harbin Hot Springs: A Case Study"

update web site - 

But I may head hiking in the light as well, Tym! Are you hiking by any chance today?

What music are you listening to much these days? (I return to the Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers a fair amount:)

I have a sofa bed in my living room here if you ever need a place to stay and we can start traveling with covid19.

And could N... be on the horizon for connecting further? :) (She followed me on Twitter a few weeks ago).

Fond regards, Scott

Just shared this earlier with my Cuttyhunk friend, David Thurston:

Nice to talk on Friday. What are you up to today? Are you heading out to hike and explore again ? 

In my 'safe house,' having whistle-blown yet again, this time about...  (where I lived for 13 years), by calling the Moraga police (having whistle-blown about the SF Quaker Meeting, about Stanford, about UC Berkeley, Reed College, and other institutions  - am a regular old whistle-blower about wrong-doing:), and am glad too to have the option for this safe house (thanks somehow to Pi and brother Partha M, both in the federal govt?, and an extended Indian network even???). (Canyon and Pacific Yearly Meeting Quakers re the illegal sex industry even??? ... and potentially with minors, tragically ...??? ... evidence aggregating). There can be risks in whistle-blowing - and when the net begins to close around long time illegal sex-rings hypothetically (in SF Bay Area with decades' long crazinesses in all likelihood) -  which in my experience ameliorate with time and distance, but which emergent safety is not guaranteed. And is some of this recently a consequence of the ineffectual despot wannabe's psychology who was just voted out of office? C'est possible!   

Am quite glad Biden and Kamala Harris are settling into being President and VP elect and that Joe Biden is so experienced as VP for 8 years with Barack Obama, for example. Glad too Kamala is a SF prosecutor too, and from Oakland (which grew Jimi Hendrix too! :)

And whither World University and School in all of this? Am glad we're now partnering with edX with their 3000 plus courses! ...

World Univ & Sch seeks to facilitate brain science from home w #WUaSBrainWaveHeadsets doing research & toward free-to-students' degrees eg re & in partnering with edX in /Neurobiology +in #RealisticVirtualEarth w 7k languages' focus @sgkmacleod ~

... nice Harbin pic here, and the idea 
Pulled on my wintery jacket to have coffee and tea outside on garden patio patio with amazing views (just north of Berkeley), then soft boiled egg, then more tea ... appreciating my views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the new mast and rigging architecture of the Bay Bridge, and the Richmond bridge ... may head hiking later again thanks to your Sugarloaf mountain hiking inspiration ...


Fond regards, Scott

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World Univ and Sch Twitter -  
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WUaS Press -  
“Naked Harbin Ethnography” book (in Academic Press at WUaS) -  
OpenBand (Berkeley) -

* * * 

What would a Nontheist Friends' Journal entail?

WUaS - World University and School <>

7:41 PM (2 hours ago)

to nontheist-friends

Hi Nontheist Friends, 

I was looking through the online cover of "Friends' Journal" - - and it made me wonder would a Nontheist Friends Journal would entail?

(By way of comparison, I looked up UUs, and found the UU World - - published twice a year, not 10-12 times per year or so in FJ, and also "UU World: the Magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association" -

And I also found this historical, quite Christo-centric, Unitarian journals, from Harvard

Below are chronological lists - - and there were a lot of them!

And this description is interesting, re non-theism and UUs - 

"Unitarian Universalism is not an atheist movement, but a religious movement into which some atheists may comfortably fit. The movement proclaims the importance of individual freedom of belief, and it includes members from a wide spectrum of beliefs."Oct 27, 2009

Am finding the Twitter conversation among the most interesting 'journals' out there, these days - re people sharing messages from a kind of sitting in Meeting approach, loosely (in front of their computers), and somewhat non-theistically, and somewhat friendly-wise too -  but partly because it's distributed. (And while there are a variety of NtF #Hashtags and related eg - people aren't yet engaging them very much, as people seem to be engaging Friends' Journal; might have to consider questions of advertising in any upcoming Non-theist Friends' Journal).  

NtF Cheers, 


Looks like the Nontheist Friends' Network Annual General Meeting (AGM), originating in the British Isles, is happening on December 9, 2020  at 7pm British Time - 

New post on Non-theist Friends Network

Formal notice of AGM 9 December 2020 at 7pm on Zoom

by Trevor

The formal notice was sent to members, including those who have signed up in 2020, by email on 5 November and reads as follows: Dear Members and friends of NFN, Please accept this letter as formal notice of our belated 2020 AGM which will be held by Zoom on Wed 9 December 2020 at 7pm. […]

Read more of this post

Trevor | November 9, 2020 at 3:40 pm | Tags: AGMDavid BoultonEventsNewsSteering Groupwebsite | Categories: AGMNFN EventsNFN website | URL:


The formal notice was sent to members, including those who have signed up in 2020, by email on 5 November and reads as follows:

Dear Members and friends of NFN,

Please accept this letter as formal notice of our belated 2020 AGM which will be held by Zoom on Wed 9 December 2020 at 7pm. Tim Regan, a member of the SG, will act as our host. To register please email: (note the understroke between Tim and Regan!) by Saturday 14 November 2020. You will then be sent the link to join the meeting and any additional papers.

In these complicated times it is so much harder to keep in meaningful contact. Many of us are on a steep learning curve to develop ways of keeping in touch using digital means. It is all the more important therefore that we get a good turnout at our AGM to consider the future of the network. Though the AGM is primarily for members we warmly welcome all our interested friends as observers.

We need your active support to think about the Network’s focus and its place within the Society of Friends and this will be the main business of our AGM. We look forward to meet many of you there.

Please notify Gisela with nominations for Steering group and clerk, suggestions and any other business by 14/11/2020:

With best wishes

Gisela Creed (clerk)


1 Annual report including updates on: website, newsletter and finance, membership

2 Minutes of last Meeting (30/03/19)

3 Simple amendments to Constitution

4 The Future of the Network, discussion, introduced by David Boulton (paper)

a. aims and structure of the network

b. conferences/other activities etc (suggestions welcome)

5 Membership arrangements

6 Appointment of steering group and clerk

At present the following members of the steering group are willing to continue: Trevor Bending (website), Piers Maddox (Treasurer and newsletter), Roger Warren Evans (membership), Gisela Creed as ordinary member, and Tim Regan. Wishing to stand down at the AGM after long service are: David Boulton, Keith Ryecroft and Sarah Siddle, David Parlett resigned already in August 2020, and your clerk wishes to hand over this role. This leaves 4-5 vacancies to be filled by volunteers who can play an active role and a proposal for clerk.

7 Any other business


The Steering Group 2019-20: David Boulton, Trevor Bending (website), Gisela Creed (clerk), Piers Maddox (treasurer and newsletter), David Parlett (formerly newsletter editor and membership), Tim Regan, Keith Rycroft, Sarah Siddle, Roger Warren Evans (membership).


This British Nontheist Friends' Network AGM announcement for 9 December 2020, at 7pm British Time, came after we talked - - and after I emailed the NtF list, and posted this idea for a Nontheist Friends' Journal - a NtF journal here (and much more) - - yesterday evening. 

British organizational culture, especially among Quakers, is very different (and old) and civil in my experience compared with US west coast Friends' organizational culture, morality even, (your philosophically-inclined, friendly anthropologist son writes :)) 

Have a great week, and nice to talk last night (from the UU Church of Kensington (Berkeley's) parking lot on a pretty evening.

No choirs yet among Nontheist Friends that I know of, and no easy successful online choirs yet that I know of either. The Boston Globe reports (see below) that covid-19 vaccines are on the horizon, and maybe, in the meantime, some illegal behavior is getting 'cleaned up' in multiple countries under the meme of the corronavirus, - and with a new approaches emerging thanks to new President-elect! :)

Love, Scott

Pfizer says early data signals COVID-19 vaccine is 90 percent effective
By LINDA A. JOHNSON and LAURAN NEERGAARD The Associated Press,Updated November 9, 2020, 8:41 a.m.

Biden announces coronavirus task force made up of physicians and health experts



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