Monday, November 24, 2008

Celosia: Brain, World University, Bliss World

How to perfuse the brain with loving bliss neurochemicals (as in natural variants of MDMA - Ecstasy), when and as one wants?


World University and School
 ... ... may also become an archive of courses that lasts thousands of years.

And I see it as an expression of love via beneficial idea exchange, in potentially all languages and subjects.

And it will also become a kind of developing meta-directory for learning and teaching.


While the following may be Utopian thinking, I wonder if we might 'design' a lovingly blissful {socioeconomic} world, engaging what we have learned in evolutionary biology, history, social psychology, {and with nontheist friends}, and build on this.

This seems more possible representationally in virtual worlds like Second Life and OpenSimulation than ever before in human history. In fact, I wonder if the people who spend much time and build in Second Life these days, are engaging a de facto form of this, mediated by the technologies, the representations, and finding ongoing "flow: the psychology of optimal experience" experiences. Might finding 'flow' in Second Life be a kind of 'natural' basis for the emergence of a lovingly blissful socioeconomic world?

And our genitcally close, primate relatives, the Bonobos, act intimately and sexually in a way that has been selected for by natural selection over millions of years. ...

And in actual life? Might Harbin curiously be a possible beginning for this kind of culture?


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