Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oneness, Smiling, World University

Oneness at Harbin - people have the opportunity to merge with each other. The waters ease you, and people feel more in tune with each other.

The 'merge' word, itself, seems to be an urge.

There's a kind of deep, happy smiling that occurs around the Harbin pools, inspiring haiku and poetry.

A kind of skin trip also occurs.

World University is a kind of people-to-people university and school.

The World University Wiki itself becomes the technology and platform and software for a global university, a global learning opportunity, in all subjects and languages.

This may bring people together - in a kind of oneness, too - digitally and in virtual worlds, to complement on-the-ground learning opportunities.

Be in the Virtual World soon and be here now.

To the pools soon . . .

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