Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gap: Place Creates Its Own Culture, Variation, Loving Bliss

The island I'm visiting creates its own world. I'd say place gives rise to (socially constructs, in a sense) culture or subculture. And humans do this all the time vis-a-vis place, and have done this very far back into ancestral (evolutionary) environments. This human variety is wonderful, and occurs today in conjunction with the homogenizing processes of globalization, modernity, post-modernity, internetity etc.

I think of such unique cultural expressions as ongoing developments of singularization vis-a-vis Kopytoff's writing about this (see, for example:


Can one focus such subcultures on something unique like eliciting loving bliss? Yes, but I can't yet think of many historical examples that have been successful in the way I envision here:


( - August 22, 2009).

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