Monday, August 3, 2009

Tufa Towers: Looking for People to Start Adding Free, Great Classes, Second Life Events Calendar - Education

A friend who attended my "Society and Information Technology" class on Berkman Island (I'm not on Harvard's faculty) in Second Life for a semester just sent me a message in Second Life.

Here's my reply:

Hi Andromeda,

Thanks so much for your ideas about free classes vis-a-vis World University & School. In part I'm looking for people to start adding free, great classes to this wiki - - which is like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware. I've posted to WUaS already the Goethe Institute's Tuesday German lesson at 8 am (Pacific Time), I think, and there are 5 day a week language get-togethers - Courses like this are partly what I'm looking for, but I'm also interested video talks, and people teaching things to their web cams.

Here's the Second Life Events' Calendar, which I've posted at World University & School's courses, too:


Here's part of Andromeda's note to me:

Aphilo - there are all kinds of free classes in SL. Are you interested in free German classes? The Germans have them. I think I have also seen free Chinese lessons, but I am not sure. Then there is Prof. Raymond Frog's class on racialism on Wednesdays. That is really interesting. And here's a link to Raymond Frog's (Frank W. Sweet in RL) audio lectures -


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