Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ocean winds: Conversing about wind energy in Massachusetts, - just not near Cuttyhunk, please

Hi, Cuttyhunkers interested in Massachusett's wind energy plans and the possible windmills close to Cuttyhunk,

Thanks to all for engaging this conversation.

I'm so glad D has helped to create this forum for Cuttyhunkers to share ideas, and especially that people are and have been speaking. Thank you, D!

I agree with the importance of both local and knowledgeable people giving voice to Cuttyhunk concerns about the merits and demerits of situating windmills close to Cuttyhunk.

I worry about the costs to the Town of Gosnold, and especially Cuttyhunk, of this Massachusett's statewide, developing, windmill plan. (Personally, I'm also in favor of wind energy development in Massachusetts, just not close to Cuttyhunk, or in ways that makes life worse for people anywhere in Massachusetts, or anywhere for that matter). I also worry about the long term costs of nonrenewable energy like oil, and the cost of carbon output leading to global warming.

As an historical note, the Town of Gosnold chose not to pay for the hookup to the windmill which Twig Spaulding built at his own expense in the mid 70s, - and there the Cuttyhunk windmill stood for around 2 decades, unused, perhaps due to a lack of conversation between Alan 'Twig' Spaulding Jr. and Cuttyhunk.

And I see the costs of energy going up in terms of state taxation due to this statewide windmill project, with no financial benefits, legally contracted, accruing to Cuttyhunk from Cape Wind Inc. (The NY Times estimated this project at both 1 billion and 10 billion US dollars with payback coming after 25 years).

I hope it's conversations like these which will lead to the best plans and outcomes for Cuttyhunk vis-a-vis the State of Massachusetts' energy plans. And I hope we can find more voices from Cuttyhunk in this process!

I've added these two most recent New York Times' articles (April 26 and 28, 2010) for reference to the open World University and School: What other references have people seen in this forum which we might add here?


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