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Yunnan butterfly: Class transcript from Today's "Information Technology and Society" class on Harvard's virtual island in Second Life

Welcome to Information Technology and Society

Week 9

Here's the wiki with course material:

In this class we'll focus on how the information technology revolution developed, especially vis-a-vis long time Berkeley Professor Manuel Castells' research on the Network Society, as well as - a wiki bibliography on virtual ethnography.

I invite your questions, and I'll post a version of the text from each class to over the weeks.

There's already a lot of information on this wiki, which will develop with this class.

And please join the Google Group for World University and School - like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware -

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[11:11] Aphilo Aarde: Hi Ju
[11:13] Aphilo Aarde: Hello Xiu
[11:14] XiuJuan Ying: hi Aphilo
[11:14] Aphilo Aarde: Welcome
[11:14] Aphilo Aarde: How are things today?
[11:15] XiuJuan Ying: good how you
[11:15] Aphilo Aarde: pretty well, thanks
[11:15] Aphilo Aarde: Roughly where are you in RL?
[11:15] XiuJuan Ying: in england at moment
[11:16] XiuJuan Ying: my uncle live south of london
[11:16] Aphilo Aarde: Spring is coming on ...
[11:16] XiuJuan Ying: yes thank goodnes
[11:16] XiuJuan Ying: england very cold
[11:16] Aphilo Aarde: I came across a talk at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society on Cinternet recently - Chinese Internet.
[11:17] Aphilo Aarde: very cold springs, sometimes I guess
[11:17] Aphilo Aarde: Here's the blog entry ...
[11:17] XiuJuan Ying: ty
[11:17] Aphilo Aarde: Do you have Chinese background or are you from China?
[11:18] Aphilo Aarde: I haven't posted this article to, yet.
[11:18] XiuJuan Ying: i born in china but lived mostly in uk
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[11:18] Aphilo Aarde: The article is also about cyberpluralism
[11:19] Aphilo Aarde: which is an interesting concept to me, giving that the Internet is a real time world wide communication network which is very plural
[11:19] Aphilo Aarde: and beginning to be able to translate languages on the fly with some accuracy
[11:20] XiuJuan Ying: google translate very quick
[11:20] XiuJuan Ying: language should never be a barrier
[11:21] Aphilo Aarde: To begin to post language-internet identities is to re-capitulate the idenity vis-a-vis network society / community vis-a-vis globalization
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[11:22] Aphilo Aarde: analyses of multiple social scientists, including Manuel Castells in his trilogy "The Rise of the Network Society," "The Power of Identity," and "The End of the MIllenium"
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[11:22] Aphilo Aarde: I agree, Xiu, but historically it's defined relationships between peoples and idenities.
[11:23] Aphilo Aarde: Castells' UC Berkeley interview is available here, if you haven't seen it:
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[11:23] XiuJuan Ying: ok
[11:23] Aphilo Aarde:
[11:24] Aphilo Aarde: This is both a transcript and you can also see the video interview
[11:24] Aphilo Aarde: It's also fascinating and important to see people from non-English
[11:24] XiuJuan Ying: thats good i will read after yur class
[11:24] Aphilo Aarde: speaking people analyses of the Internet.
[11:25] Aphilo Aarde: :)There are some books, dissertations and other resources at
[11:25] Aphilo Aarde: but many more are welcome.
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[11:25] XiuJuan Ying: i originally showed only mandarin on my profile
[11:26] Aphilo Aarde: ... in most other languages - much more multi-language and identity would extend and expand this conversation
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[11:26] XiuJuan Ying: see if people would speak to me or not
[11:26] Aphilo Aarde: :)
[11:26] XiuJuan Ying: some ignore the language barrier
[11:27] XiuJuan Ying: which i thought was good
[11:27] Aphilo Aarde: And same-language peoples tend to converse together.
[11:27] Aphilo Aarde: Chinese is the largest internet community of users in the world
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[11:27] XiuJuan Ying: but not many sites in sl
[11:28] XiuJuan Ying: a lot of japan which are realy good
[11:28] Aphilo Aarde: Is that correct? I'm interested in statistics about Chinese use in Second Life, as well as all other languages.
[11:28] XiuJuan Ying: japan has lots of sites
[11:29] XiuJuan Ying: chinese only a few
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[11:29] Aphilo Aarde: To grow the Chinese community in Second Life, more Chinese speakers would have to build more islands, I think.
[11:29] XiuJuan Ying: i think so perhaps they have an alternative
[11:29] Aphilo Aarde: I and people would like to post more academic work on this to if you come across it.
[11:29] XiuJuan Ying: although hipihi is not equal to sl
[11:30] Aphilo Aarde: Are you familiar with Isaac Mao, who is a Berkman Fellow at Harvard, Chinese, and very engaged in Chinese Internet questions.
[11:30] XiuJuan Ying: no
[11:30] XiuJuan Ying: but i am now
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[11:31] Aphilo Aarde: What are some Chinese virtual worlds called?
[11:31] XiuJuan Ying: i will look up later and see
[11:31] Aphilo Aarde: Is hipihi one?
[11:31] XiuJuan Ying: yes and the best one they have
[11:31] XiuJuan Ying: not at the level of sl
[11:32] XiuJuan Ying: the water is better and that is it i think
[11:32] XiuJuan Ying: some english have been on it
[11:32] Aphilo Aarde: Interesting ... do you spend much time there?
[11:32] XiuJuan Ying: as it is only in chinese
[11:33] XiuJuan Ying: not a great deal
[11:33] Aphilo Aarde: Here's one reference on China at
[11:33] Aphilo Aarde:
[11:33] XiuJuan Ying: the format in sl is much easier
[11:33] XiuJuan Ying: practis building and stuff
[11:33] Aphilo Aarde: Chao, Loretta, with Sue Feng and Kersten Zhang. 2010. China Google Users Appeal for Clarity. March 22. New York, NY: Wall Street Journal.
[11:34] XiuJuan Ying: i mentioned a while ago i used the emerald viewer for building
[11:34] Aphilo Aarde: And here's another in books: Sherman So, and J. Christopher Westland. 2009. Red Wired: China's Internet Revolution. Marshall Cavendish Limited.
[11:34] XiuJuan Ying: it isnt easier than viewer1
[11:34] Aphilo Aarde:
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[11:35] Aphilo Aarde: It's very interesting to me to follow the trajectory of
[11:35] XiuJuan Ying: thats interesting
[11:35] Aphilo Aarde: or trajectories of innovation in technologies from country to country
[11:36] Aphilo Aarde: In this class, we began by looking at how the first industrial revolution began in Britain with steam and textiles and then spread.
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[11:37] Aphilo Aarde: And the 2nd industrial revolution began with synergies leading to innovation in western Europe and the States,
[11:37] Aphilo Aarde: around metals, chemicals and early telecommunications.
[11:37] Aphilo Aarde: Alfred Chandler is one historian of these.
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[11:38] Aphilo Aarde: The Information Technology revolution also builds on synergies between innovation and technologies, but is about information generation and production.
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[11:39] Aphilo Aarde: And Second Life and hipihi are two examples of these
[11:39] Aphilo Aarde: as are the browsers you mention.
[11:40] Aphilo Aarde: The transcripts from this class which examine some of these questions, which I think you were in class for, are here:
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[11:40] Aphilo Aarde:
[11:41] Aphilo Aarde: especially the first classes
[11:41] XiuJuan Ying: yes
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[11:42] Aphilo Aarde: Gene Koo, who was a Harvard undergrad and lawyer, and a fellow at the Berkman
[11:42] Aphilo Aarde: at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society
[11:43] Aphilo Aarde: focuses on virtual worlds particularly gaming
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[11:43] Aphilo Aarde: He was in a class here on Berkman Island in the fall of 2006, in which I also participated called "Cyberone: Law in the Court of Public Opinion"
[11:44] Aphilo Aarde: World University and School
[11:44] Aphilo Aarde: Here's perhaps the best example of an academic page -
[11:44] Aphilo Aarde: will also have a virtual world component.
[11:45] Aphilo Aarde: Xiu - Are you building now in virtual worlds in any way?
[11:45] XiuJuan Ying: building as pratice
[11:45] XiuJuan Ying: i was building a victorian dollshouse
[11:45] Aphilo Aarde: (This Second Life class is one instance).
[11:46] Aphilo Aarde: Great ... do you spend very much time in the Berkman Sandbox, just behind you on this Berkman Island, where many people are building these days?
[11:46] Aphilo Aarde: There are tutorials there, too.
[11:46] XiuJuan Ying: i only notice it a few weeks ago
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[11:46] Aphilo Aarde: The dollshouse sounds fun ...
[11:47] XiuJuan Ying: i hav been a few times it god to meet others
[11:47] XiuJuan Ying: who like building and stuff
[11:47] Aphilo Aarde: finding a compatible group of builders can be very helpful.
[11:47] XiuJuan Ying: a dolls house big enough to walk round and feel like a doll
[11:47] Aphilo Aarde: Are you familiar with the Second Life events calendar?
[11:47] XiuJuan Ying: i remeber andromeda mention it here
[11:48] Aphilo Aarde: SL itself is a lot like dollhouse building in general
[11:48] XiuJuan Ying: thats true
[11:48] XiuJuan Ying: its nice to construct things
[11:48] Aphilo Aarde:
[11:48] XiuJuan Ying: friendships are also construction
[11:48] Aphilo Aarde: That's its URL ... and by clicking on education in the pop down box you can find building opportunities.
[11:49] XiuJuan Ying: thats great ty
[11:49] Aphilo Aarde: That's true - and engaging them online is a whole new dynamic.
[11:50] Aphilo Aarde: Here's a paper on how social ties online work:
[11:50] XiuJuan Ying: lectures like yours are very important i think
[11:50] XiuJuan Ying: for new users to settle and meet
[11:50] Aphilo Aarde:
[11:50] Aphilo Aarde: Rainie, Lee, John Horrigan, Barry Wellman and Jeffrey Boase. 2006. The Strength of Internet Ties. (using the Granovetter weak ties framework). Pew Internet & American Life Project.
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[11:51] Aphilo Aarde: As we were talking about last week, and which we'll continue to explore next week
[11:51] XiuJuan Ying: it is a surorise there was 90 percent drop off sl
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[11:52] Aphilo Aarde: there's been a lot of examination of whether the internet causes alienation, and how sociality on the web works.
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[11:52] Aphilo Aarde: You're suggesting here a new approach to these questions,
[11:53] Aphilo Aarde: which could be examined, in rigorous academic fashion, about
[11:53] XiuJuan Ying: i think a lot of thinking is being attampted by linden labs
[11:53] Aphilo Aarde: how people build online friendships in virtual worlds, for example
[11:53] Aphilo Aarde: and also, concerning what we were talking about at the beginning of this class about how
[11:54] Aphilo Aarde: this might different in the Chinese internet - cinternet - or in Chinese virtual worlds like hipihi
[11:55] Aphilo Aarde: I think LL may be interested in quesitons of how friendship may sustain Second Life use, but I haven't seen that they are looking at this question from rigorous, objective, critical studies.
[11:56] Aphilo Aarde: And as this research emerges, I and others will pulbish it in journals and post it to
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[11:57] Aphilo Aarde: There's already probably a fair amount of research that touches on these questions, but LL is a business, and not a university, so I think they probably are more interested in how organizaitons will buy virtual land.
[11:57] XiuJuan Ying: yes i agree
[11:57] Aphilo Aarde: ... such as this island which Harvard pays for ...
[11:57] MacZ Urbanowicz is Online
[11:57] XiuJuan Ying: thats right they would like more users for sure
[11:58] XiuJuan Ying: and they do provide a very good product for sure
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[11:58] Aphilo Aarde: And for an open ended virtual environment which end users build, these are a unique set of questions
[11:58] Aphilo Aarde: And I think they're doing alright financially, but they can build infinite numbers of islands, so the more the merrier from their perspective.
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[11:59] Aphilo Aarde: And one advantage they have is that they have a fairly extensive community - a base of end users
[11:59] Aphilo Aarde: - who know this world.
[11:59] Aphilo Aarde: I think other virtual worlds have trouble generating communities.
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[12:00] XiuJuan Ying: i think so
[12:00] Aphilo Aarde: ... and SL already has one ... so building it is there goal... but I don't have much data to support these observations.
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[12:00] Aphilo Aarde: Let's take a 10 minute break and return at 10 past. :)
[12:00] XiuJuan Ying: ok
[12:01] Aphilo Aarde: :)
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[12:13] Aphilo Aarde: Hi
[12:13] XiuJuan Ying: hi
[12:13] XiuJuan Ying: do harvard use the building behind you
[12:14] XiuJuan Ying: for lectures etc
[12:14] Aphilo Aarde: I haven't seen it used ever for classes or lectures, since 2006 ... except
[12:14] Aphilo Aarde: as a model of a SL building, as well as
[12:15] Aphilo Aarde: perhaps a symbol of Harvard - it's a simulacra or replica of Austin Hall ... not exact ... a Law School building at Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
[12:15] Aphilo Aarde: Have you been in it?
[12:16] XiuJuan Ying: i had a look inside on my first class here
[12:16] XiuJuan Ying: i was intrested if harvard held online lectures
[12:16] Aphilo Aarde: I like the experience of being outside in Second Life, over being in a closed virtual space ...
[12:16] XiuJuan Ying: not for me but in general
[12:17] Aphilo Aarde: I know of no Harvard online lectures for free
[12:17] XiuJuan Ying: of course
[12:17] Aphilo Aarde: although there may be a few
[12:17] Aphilo Aarde: And 3 years ago Harvard Law Professor Charlie Nesson's course was open
[12:17] XiuJuan Ying: in england the govment wants to reduce univ entrants this year
[12:18] Aphilo Aarde: I would look at
[12:18] XiuJuan Ying: it seemed the univ could run courses online for a fee
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[12:18] XiuJuan Ying: for added revenue
[12:18] Aphilo Aarde: and at World University and School, which I'm developing, for great universties' open free content.
[12:18] Aphilo Aarde:
[12:19] Aphilo Aarde: I think universities and governments are often looking for ways to generate revenue,
[12:19] XiuJuan Ying: a great oportunity
[12:19] Aphilo Aarde: which is why World University & School may be very competitive,
[12:20] Aphilo Aarde: as it starts to offer degrees for free. Now there's a free Harvard Ph.D. linked here at WUaS:
[12:20] Aphilo Aarde:
[12:21] XiuJuan Ying: have you been interested in sl since it began
[12:21] Aphilo Aarde: But many nation states and governments choose to fund university education through taxes, rather than from students' fees
[12:21] Aphilo Aarde: Examples of this are the Scandanavian countries, Japan, and Germany, for example.
[12:22] Aphilo Aarde: And the American Education System is free from k-12th grade, as is the public library system, 2 examples in the STates of
[12:23] Aphilo Aarde: free teaching and learning opportunities
[12:23] Aphilo Aarde: I became active in Second Life - was born - in August 2006, to participate in Harvard Law Professor Charlie Nesson's Cyberone course
[12:24] Aphilo Aarde: if I remember correctly.
[12:24] XiuJuan Ying: aha
[12:24] Aphilo Aarde: And I think that Second Life dates from 2002, 1999 and Neal Stephenson's book "Snow Crash" for its key ideas in the mid 1990s.
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[12:25] XiuJuan Ying: iv heard snowcrash mentioned a lot in metanomics interviews
[12:25] Aphilo Aarde: I've heard various dates, but I think it's popularity and community grew aroudn
[12:25] Aphilo Aarde: in 2002 and 2003
[12:26] XiuJuan Ying: lots of businesses were in in the erly days i think
[12:26] Aphilo Aarde: It's only 6 or 7 pages in which the idea for a virtual world which informs Second Life - worth reading.
[12:26] XiuJuan Ying: in snowcrash
[12:26] Aphilo Aarde: I think the heyday for businesses was especially in 2005, 2006 and 2007when corporations
[12:27] Aphilo Aarde: began to purchase virtual islands, and then many backed out, when how to make money
[12:27] Aphilo Aarde: wasn't so obvious in SL.
[12:27] Lemondrop Serendipity is Online
[12:27] Aphilo Aarde: Yes, in "Snow Crash"
[12:28] Aphilo Aarde: And I don't know a great web page for how to assess SL's current state.
[12:28] JenzZa Misfit is Online
[12:28] Whitelight Christiansen is Online
[12:28] Aphilo Aarde: ... financially ... although Metanomics talks are probably the best references
[12:29] XiuJuan Ying: i like robert bloomfields passion for sl
[12:29] Aphilo Aarde: because they bring in Linden Lab speakers and financial folks.
[12:29] CivilE Writer is Online
[12:30] Aphilo Aarde: Yes, he's helped focused in an ongoing way questions of commerce and LL for the public.
[12:30] XiuJuan Ying: of course he is in account management
[12:30] Aphilo Aarde: I haven't looked through Metanomic;s archive recently
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[12:31] Aphilo Aarde: to explore questions of the current state of Second Life commerce
[12:31] XiuJuan Ying: there are so many things to look at
[12:32] Aphilo Aarde: Focusing one's own questions has a lot of merit
[12:32] XiuJuan Ying: thats what i meant i think
[12:32] XiuJuan Ying: too many other issues in things like metanomics
[12:33] XiuJuan Ying: financies of ll not my concern
[12:33] Aphilo Aarde:
[12:33] Aphilo Aarde: Yes, metanomics covers many issues ... a helpful overview
[12:33] Jennette Forager is Online
[12:34] Aphilo Aarde: what do you see as some of your main focuses in the year ahead vis-a-vis virtual worlds?
[12:34] XiuJuan Ying: i like creating but dont have the skills yet
[12:34] Aphilo Aarde: Would you like to learn to build further?
[12:35] XiuJuan Ying: yes i find it very absorbing
[12:35] XiuJuan Ying: always been a big fan of animated films like pixar
[12:36] Aphilo Aarde: Yes, I agree. For many this absorption can be a rich "Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience" experience.
[12:37] Aphilo Aarde: And Second Life allows one to begin to interact with and generate narratives such as those of Pixar, all in real time.
[12:38] Alice Thibodeaux is Online
[12:38] XiuJuan Ying is Offline
[12:38] Aphilo Aarde: One question I'm curious about is how to engage such animations and imaginary narratives more richly than even the remarkable Second Life makes possible.
[12:39] Aphilo Aarde: Bye, Xiu
[12:40] XiuJuan Ying is Online
[12:40] Aphilo Aarde: Welcome back ...
[12:40] Green Tea (Hojicha): Mmmhh... leaves perfectly roasted, enjoy it XiuJuan Ying
[12:41] XiuJuan Ying: ty
[12:41] Aphilo Aarde: We'll carry on with the course more explicitly next week, when more people are back.
[12:41] Aphilo Aarde: One question I'm curious about is how to engage such animations and imaginary narratives more richly than even the remarkable Second Life makes possible.
[12:42] XiuJuan Ying: mm the animations on treet tv are very good
[12:42] Profdan Netizen is Offline
[12:42] Aphilo Aarde: Do you have a specific URL in mind?
[12:42] Mab MacMoragh is Offline
[12:42] XiuJuan Ying: just a second
[12:43] XiuJuan Ying:
[12:43] MacZ Urbanowicz is Offline
[12:43] XiuJuan Ying: although it says metanomics
[12:43] XiuJuan Ying: there are other shows to look at where animations look good
[12:43] Aphilo Aarde: Thanks
[12:44] XiuJuan Ying: yw
[12:44] XiuJuan Ying: it would certainly make lectures more engaging
[12:44] Aphilo Aarde: but perhaps less conversational and interactive
[12:44] Aphilo Aarde: or?
[12:45] XiuJuan Ying: yes possibly
[12:45] Aphilo Aarde: Is basically machinima's of second life interviews?
[12:45] XiuJuan Ying: obviously interviews on tv need sound and animation
[12:45] Aphilo Aarde: *machinimas
[12:45] XiuJuan Ying: ye
[12:45] Aphilo Aarde: Second Life's beauty is its interaction.
[12:45] XiuJuan Ying: thats true
[12:46] XiuJuan Ying: for some more confidence in typing than speaking
[12:47] Aphilo Aarde: ... in real time ... and this can be down in voice ... but this gets complicated in that not everyone has voice, and group conversations about serious ideas online, without the face to face aspect of gestural cues ... can lose fo
[12:47] Tara Yeats is Online
[12:47] XiuJuan Ying: thats true
[12:47] Aphilo Aarde: ...focus
[12:47] XiuJuan Ying: my face show no expression
[12:48] Aphilo Aarde: Exactly ... although that will probably change ...
[12:48] XiuJuan Ying: last week many people talk a lot
[12:49] Aphilo Aarde: I don't see a white dot above your head presently, - do you have voice?
[12:49] XiuJuan Ying: no i dont have microphone
[12:49] XiuJuan Ying: i kinda like type chat
[12:49] XiuJuan Ying: not for any particular reason
[12:49] Aphilo Aarde: I enjoy it when conversation emerges - I think this is unique about human learning ... and type chat makes it possible to save the transcript
[12:50] XiuJuan Ying: apart from seeems more real with type for some reason
[12:50] Aphilo Aarde: and then, during the conversation ... to explore multiple lines of reasoning
[12:50] XiuJuan Ying: yes its good to look back on things
[12:50] Aphilo Aarde: somehow less ephemeral?
[12:50] XiuJuan Ying: yes
[12:50] Aphilo Aarde: seeing the words in type adds an element of reality
[12:50] Aphilo Aarde: ?
[12:51] XiuJuan Ying: true
[12:51] Aphilo Aarde: I think that verbal conversation can soar, though ...
[12:51] XiuJuan Ying: do you take a break soon for summer
[12:52] Aphilo Aarde: Yes, the last class here is probably on May 1 in a few Saturdays, depending on interest.
[12:52] XiuJuan Ying: i enjoy your lectures
[12:52] XiuJuan Ying: although i missed acouple when building
[12:52] Aphilo Aarde: It's great to have an ongoing forum about the information technology revolution on Harvard's virtual island
[12:53] Aphilo Aarde: If interested, those transcripts are available. I haven't yet edited them, or found someone to edit them, to just course content.
[12:53] XiuJuan Ying: yes that would be great
[12:53] Breen Mathy is Online
[12:54] Aphilo Aarde: And I'd like to do that ... since transcripts, which are already posted, as conversations, exist.
[12:55] Aphilo Aarde: Well, perhaps this is where we'll end this course today
[12:55] XiuJuan Ying: sure
[12:55] XiuJuan Ying: its been nice to chat
[12:55] Aphilo Aarde: Glad we could chat ...
[12:55] Aphilo Aarde: Next week, we'll continue to look at some of the research on virtual communities and what it showed.
[12:56] JenzZa Misfit is Offline
[12:56] XiuJuan Ying: ok and happy easter
[12:56] Aphilo Aarde: Happy Easter to you, as well.
[12:56] Whitelight Christiansen is Offline
[12:56] Aphilo Aarde: Happy building, as well.
[12:57] XiuJuan Ying: ty and see you next week
[12:57] XiuJuan Ying: bye
[12:58] Aphilo Aarde: Bye for now
[12:58] Aphilo Aarde: :)

( - April 3, 2010)

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