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Mojave: Japan's Tsunami Wreaks Havoc on Nuclear Reactors, California Nuke NIMBY, Plan for a Solar, Wind and Renewable Future, WUaS Subjects

I sincerely hope all my friends and colleagues in Japan are okay ...

This earthquake Tsunami is another wake up call for earthquake preparedness in the SF Bay Area and California,

as well as for developing a coherent
Ocean and Climate Change Management Plan -

- a wiki-Subject for which you'll find here:

My hope is that all of California's, indeed all of the world's, Nuclear plants are halted

... at least until the risk of an 8.9-on-the-Richter-Scale earthquake is accounted for and at least until safety measures against an 8.9 earthquake increase 100-fold, in California.

Here's WUaS Nuclear Science subject -

to which I added this NYT's article

... on Japan's second nuclear plant evacuation -

Wald, Matthew. 2011. Japan Orders Evacuation Near 2nd Nuclear Plant. March 11. New York, NY: The New York Times.

No Nukes.

Here's another, related article:
‎... Japan benefits from, and saves lives with, strict codes and drills ... in this earthquake ...

Plan for Alternative Energy & Innovate Radically -

Here's a sensible approach, for example: e.g. Rocky Mountain Institute - .

Here's WUaS Nuclear Science subject, again - as WIKI ...

And here's WUaS Energy Technologies' subject -

- as another WIKI page for further idea sharing.

... Nuclear accidents have happened in the U.S, too

- Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania was a NIGHTMARE

Pennsylvania wasn't prepared in multiple ways.

(My father was the State of Pennsylvania's Secretary of Health in 1979 -


Hi Scott, Check out the final segment of today's Living on Earth program ( Hollywood producer Marshall Herskovitz is planning to launch a campaign to alert the public on climate change, to be followed by a blockbuster movie. JM


Thanks, J,

Check out, too, WUaS's 'Ocean and Climate Change Plan' subject -

- As WIKI, it's for further idea sharing

... Two films are referenced there so far, including 'An Inconvenient Truth.'

How at risk is Boston for sea-level rise, I wonder?

Here's a recent NY Times article on an old Nuclear plant in Vermont, and the politics of closing it ...
with the Vermont legislature.

Public opinion is so important in defining approaches to Nuclear Energy and Safety ahead.

Some further, related articles:

Best-Laid Plans ...

Gas Prices and a Sane Energy Policy ...

How to move this discourse toward more renewables?

And how to grow the Solar industry over the next few decades,

so as to make the crazy Nuclear Industry obsolete? .

Solar thermal panels (with glycol, in contrast to Solar PV - Photovoltaic - panels) have just gone on my roof this week!

Ongoing Explosions in Japan's Nuclear Reactor - Horrific


- and are devastating for the Nuclear Industry

Japan and the world is facing an ongoing catastrophe.

... Heartfelt sympathies to the Japanese victims of this Tsunami

... people can't design against Nature over 250 thousand year half life of some radioactive materials...

Let's TRANSFORM energy policy toward Renewables,

using this Nuclear catastrophe to change the climate of public complacency

Here's one, small example of innovation:

... and at the same time develop this solar car to road worthiness ...

Buy Solar, Boycott Nuclear ... Organize for Renewables

... Search on 'Nuclear,' 'Solar,' and 'Energy Technologies,' here -

and Teach, Learn & Share Ideas about these.

California Nuke NIMBY ... (not in my back yard)

... Retire Nukes from California and the planning process

... Please Governor Moonbeam

... quietly, but certainly

... no nukes

BEFORE the next 10 California earthquakes measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale over the next 200ish years

... No Nukes in California

The costs to California companies of a earthquake-caused nuclear accident would be comparably horrific, as well -

Corporations - take action against such risks! No Nukes in California!

Sacramento, converse with the Vermont legislature and phase Nukes out!

Such Tsunami devastation wreaks havoc on Nuclear Reactors ...

No Nukes!

In a time of Climate Change and possible ocean level rise, Buy HIGH, and Sell LOW ... so contrarian to market wisdom ...

Here's info about the Anti-Nuclear Movement in California -

- no new reactors can be built thanks to this movement, - storage issues!

"Over a two-week period in 1981, 1,900 activists were arrested at Diablo Canyon Power Plant. It was the largest arrest in the history of the anti-nuclear movement in the United States." (Wikipedia article)

DK: The 60s gave us a lot of good things. But it also launched an era of special interest politics that has fragmented our thinking & blurred our focus -- so we've become kneejerk advocates for change in so many competing arenas that nothing major ever really changes. Today, sadly, we put nuclear energy back on the list.


Unfortunately (I think), energy policy politics is contested ...

‎# Brown, Jerry and Rinaldo Brutoco (1997). Profiles in Power: The Anti-nuclear Movement and the Dawn of the Solar Age, Twayne Publishers.

# Lovins, Amory B. and Price, John H. (1975). Non-Nuclear Futures: The Case for an Ethical Energy Stra...tegy, Ballinger Publishing Company, 1975, ISBN 0884106020

# Walker, J. Samuel (2004). Three Mile Island: A Nuclear Crisis in Historical Perspective, University of California Press.

I added these books to the WUaS Nuclear Science Subject, too.

( - March 12, 2011)

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