Friday, March 4, 2011

Purple flower: Great music circle - would stream it here if I had streamable audio on handheld computer - at the Hall of Flowers in the GG Park

Great music circle -

would stream it here if I had streamable audio on this handheld computer -

in front of the conservatory of flowers in the Golden Gate Park -

they're making music, man -

& via

- and then we could jam along :)

Sax, trumpet, 3 electric guitars, a bunch of drums

- amazing what people bring into the park

- modulated music

- they're jamming, slight smell of doobie, one woman dancing, kids in the circle - they're making music, connected, in a groove

... beautiful hall of flowers behind the music-makers ...

very fine guitar player is playing 'do ray me fa so ... doe a deer'

‎... music moves into some very fine blues ... blooming poppy beds - yellow & salmon - all around ...

... there are a lot of interesting hats among this circle of musicians ...

‎'Take a load off Annie' - Jimmy Page song - (about which there's a good 2009 movie - "It Might Get Loud')

... the song moves into a jam ...

Feels like the Rainbow Gathering

African American man is lying on his belly playing flute

think I'm hearing the 60s again

- guitar player is singing 'cause we are the people and do believe' ...

‎... an African American woman from another circle folds her hula hoop into a figure 8 as she walks away

... now the music starts to get down

... nice sax, good beat ...

O for much much much more bandwidth

...'give me a liitle horn, give me a liitle horn,' someone says, and horn and guitar come in

... so nice

... how to jam better with on this handheld with finger piano keys, in rhythm

... into oneness

( - March 4, 2011)

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