Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wild turkey: Woke up, ... to the Joy of Life

Woke up, ... to the Joy of Life

Woke up
to a single, male turkey
in full, feather display,
gliding across the top
of a little, grassy ridge,
with a rounded,
colorful bodymind,
in dominant, alpha moment,
above, in the distance,
with California oaks
all around,
- it's an old scene.

(Why here now? ...
I don't know turkey biology ...
Was it because I opened
my car door,
that it strutted its stuff?
Is it mating season?
... didn't see any turkey hens nearby,
although they probably weren't far).
At the end of its glide,
it transformed itself
back into its
and clucked a little.

Waking by the side
of the road,
in rural California,
after a star-illuminated,
gorgeous night,
outside Harbin
where I sometimes camp, -
is this single, male Turkey
in full display,
a spiritual awakening?

And how is it possible to
observe this California,
natural-world moment,
as musical notation,
for bodymind bliss-elicitation?
Starry night walk, yes, - a little?
Turkey-glide-display, - not so much?

(There's something about
wild turkeys' appearances
I find unappealing).

So, were I to have gotten close,
but not too close,
to observe its beautiful feathers,
with near perfect round-symmetry,
in all brown, black, beige, white and rust colors,
with its blue face, and red, bulbous throat for warbling,
little shimmery, green feathers throughout,
with 5 inch long, pendant, chest feather,
its head, in the middle,
a little above center
of its tail display,
I might have merged
my mind into this natural,
for-observing Turkey Mandala of
male, spiritual nowness -
with appreciation, -
to come again later.

But this isn't the bliss,
for example,
I know from Mozart, the Grateful Dead,
or Matisse's 'Joy of Life'
or in flower photography's beauty,
or, especially, in the easing release
of the Harbin warm pool,
into one kind of contentment,
with naked people
coming into and out of it,
all around.

I open the car door again,
and this male turkey is gone.

MMmmm, ... natural, loving bliss
draws me fulsomely,
and this natural world
is opportunity to explore
bliss anew.

Wake up your biology of bliss,
Wake up your loving neurophysiology.
Music, nature and nudity, especially,
are all notational scores, -
improved upon with
loving, smart conversation,
and, even better, with singing,
with friends -
for heading into the
easing waters of musical joy.

(http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2011/03/woke-up.html - March 29, 2011)

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