Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bilva: Music Playing Spaces on Wednesday and Friday evenings, Online, Open & Free, in Google+ group video Hangouts, Jamming online eventually, World_University_Music_School

Music Playing Spaces, online and free, in Google+ Hangout group video happen occasionally (MWF at 4pm Pacific Time ?)

"Join Hangout" here -

where you can musically play what you're working on,

and I'll do the same,

(with an invitation to play, or sing, on your own around these times often independently).

Let me know if you're interested above -

and I'll invite you to the G+ video Hangout then ...

social, music practicing on the web.

Get out your musical instrument,

and play what you'd like,

socially yet independently -

we mute ourselves yet still can text -

flexibly and openly.

If you're interested in playing, add me in Google +,

Scott MacLeod - - -

and let me know here, too.

(We've been holding a Music Playing Space for some months, now, and this music-play-space has been bagpiping-oriented, so far, but all instruments are welcome. See for example:

(For further playing, check out World University and School's free, open, wiki

'Practicing/Playing a Musical Instrument' page: ...

I'd like to begin more online, real time, musical collaborations,

for jamming, improvisation, and learning these with digital technologies, too,

and hope to expand these Music Playing Spaces to daily,

and at different times :)

... would to contribute to generating a musical culture,

where many, many people make music and

communicate musically many hours a day,

and significantly through WUaS's musical subjects,

some of the many you can find at the Music School -


Online Music Playing Space … example

(See, too ...


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