Thursday, December 15, 2011

Egret: Music playing / practicing online space, Google + Hangout with group video conferencing, What can make playing / practicing very, very fun?

Had a nice, first "Music playing / practicing online space" with R, where we each just play for an hour developing our own music, in a Google + Hangout with group video conferencing. It's Wednesdays from 9-10 pm PST, and you're welcome to participate in this free video conference, on piano, recorder, voice, or whatever, but it would be pretty late beginning at midnight, EST. :) G+ group video conferencing also worked well, and much better than Skype timing-wise, with less lag.

The idea of this playing / practicing space is not only to make practicing social (we mute each other, but can see each other, but did play together at the end), but also, for me, to think through how to make playing and learning music more enjoyable, and potentially in a kind of conversation with R, or the people who hang out. What works pragmatically? What can make playing / practicing very, very fun? We text chatted a little in silence throughout. Up to 10 people, presently, can be in a G+ hangout.

I'll add further ideas about making this fun and fruitful here at World University & School's Practicing / Playing a Musical Instrument subject page:, and, of course, other people can, too, because WUaS is wiki.

I'm initiating this partly to further my own daily hour long practice, and to make it fun, via sociality, and may set up such hour long "Music playing / practicing online spaces" at different times every day of the week soon (so you could potentially practice, as well, if you might like to). R and I will probably practice again next Wednesday. Come hang out, and play.

This will dovetail with the World University Music School -

If you're interested in playing, add me in Google +, Scott MacLeod - - - and let me know.


Online Music Playing Space … example


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