Saturday, June 30, 2012

I kissed your back

I kissed your back 

I kissed your back 
as you lay naked on the sands 
of Canapitsit, at tea time, 
in early summer. 

The half dome of the moon, 
right side up in full day, 
whitely illuminated, 
by contrast, the blue sky around,
right over Gay Head, 
240,000 miles away. 

And you welcomed my soft kisses, 
in the warm sun, 
turning you on 
ever so slightly, 
and you moved just a little - 
because doing so felt so good. 

I wasn't sure as we lingered low 
on the strand, 
if I could see the highland, brown, 
long haired cows, 
on Nashawena, 
across the channel, 
but I thought I did see one. 

Your beautiful hair 
moved slightly in the breeze, 
as my kisses journeyed 
toward your bare neck, 
and you received these, 
nestling with the impulse, - 
and almost rolled sidewards, - 
but instead  lingered 
on your bare bosom, - 
for who might wander by, 
or come upon us, unexpectedly? ...  
And this is Cuttyhunk
in modernity.

As a lad and a lass, 
we might have adventured 
here now into oneness, 
together, heavenward, coitus, 
but we wanted to explore 
such over decades, 
as musicians, as singers, 
as contact improvisers, 
as bliss-babies, and as lovers -  

riffing together, bodymind-wise, 
Grateful Dead-esque, 
with unrolling jamming 
of love-making, - 

and so we dallied, without, 
there on the beach, 
my lips on your back. 

Yet we were alive with 
the receptivity of back kisses, 
and moving, you rolled over, 
for front kisses ... 
your nipples responding, 
gracenote and doubling-like, - 
little musical embellishments, 
bodymind-wise, - 
and our music unfolded ... 

going into ... 

... don't think I'll finish this poem. :)

How would you? :)

June 27, 2012

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