Sunday, July 1, 2012

The bell was sailing off Canapitsit

The bell was sailing off Canapitsit 

The bell was sailing off of Canapitsit, 
as I cobbled by
on all those rounded stones. 

across the water passageway 
of Canapitsit, 
glistened green on 
this summer day, 
as I stood on Cuttyhunk 
in wonder. 

The waters flowed steadily southward
through it, 
direction Martha's Vineyard, 
in early summer 
as I thought of her, 
and the possibilities for joy 

These native names 
rendered English by usage, 
and from sail, 
ring with a beauty of 
this only somewhat
untouched-by-humans' landscape,
formerly forested, 
which I now see one with, - 
journeying through time, 
(with much great sorrow, loss and passage), - 
and shine in the now here, 
by Canapitsit, 
from Pocutahunconoh, 
which is Cuttyhunk -
where also visited
Wampanoag peoples, I would guess,
and less likely speakers of
the Mi'kmaq language, -
and all Algonquins. 
Native peoples, we remember 
and envision 
non-common-chimp-like history! 

Were we together here singing, 
holding hands, feeling softnesses, 
of each others' arms, 
beaming merrily together, 
to rif with each other in joy, - 
and with eyes, and smiles, especially, - 
we might one here 
in the lee 
of this beach's bank, 
to climax 
in wonder and connecting, ~ 
and for kids? 

But still - the sun shines - 
and we have not yet 
bodymind-joined, yet 
may be connecting in thinking, 
and with words, 
as well as virtually, with our bodyminds, 
while miles and miles away. 
O Bonobos' love, ~ 
yet as unfolding duet. 

Here by the waters of Canapitsit, 
a red bell, 
off in the distance, 
sailed like a wind surfer, 
as we began to sing, 
and crescendo. 

June 27, 2012

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