Friday, November 30, 2012

Scottish Independence and currency questions, History, Identity, "The Scotsman" News' Articles about Independence, Alex Salmond on video

If you were Scotland and heading for independence with a vote in the British Isles in 2014 or beyond, which currency would you choose for Scotland's long term prosperity, - institutionally-wise, especially (e.g. exchange rate mechanism, UK banking regulations, etc.)?

a. British pounds' sterling (the keeping of which, against the Euro, has probably benefitted the U.K. in all those little currency exchange costs, for one)?

b. Euros and the benefits of one currency for trading in Europe, and lessen reliance on the English pound?

c. A Scottish currency of its own, and benefit from all those little currency exchange costs, but without the benefits of one currency for trading in Europe?

d. other

Scottish independence after the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 (see - and "Scots Wha Hae" which is the title of a bagpipe tune and patriotic poem by beloved Scots' poet Robert Burns: and the Act of Union in 1707 ( also known as "Union of England and Scotland") all inform far-reaching, Scots' identity questions, for which this currency question is also significant.

Scots are saying in "The Scotsman" articles below they'll keep the pound and join the European Union, seeking an exemption for the EU requirement, which both the U.K. and Denmark now have.

See, too, Scottish Independence:

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Some articles from the newspaper "The Scotsman" in Edinburgh:

EU 'will welcome us with open arms'

Economist plays down euro adoption

Independence 'means uncertainty'

Scotland would struggle to retain currency union with UK says man who helped to engineer break-up of Czechoslovakia

Edinburgh Agreement warning issued

UK warning in independence debate

SNP supporters could join Greens

Cameron and Salmond sign Scottish referendum deal: Politics live blog

Scottish independence: Yes Scotland signs up 143,000 supporters


Alex Salmond announces plans for Scottish independence referendum - video


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