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Swiss mountains: Dr. Raul Moncayo interviews on Jacques Lacan ... John Money ... Primatology ... HAI ... Harbin Hot Springs ... virtual HAI at Harbin ... intellectually interesting ... Theorizing psychotherapy / psychoanalysis anew, and in the information age, and re WUaS, Virtual Harbin, France WUaS as Harvard of the Internet in French?, Quakers and Pyschoanalysis, Caring and love ... as neurophysiology?

I found fascinating, psychotherapeutically relevant, and intellectually interesting ...

~ these two Dr. Raul Moncayo audio interviews - -
(from Berkeley, California) on

~ Jacques Lacan e.g.

{Jacques Lacan parle (2 minutes)
Jacques Lacan parle (11 minutes)
Jacques Lacan parle (59 minutes)


~ vis-a-vis curiosity about theorizing psychotherapy / psychoanalysis anew, and in the information age, and re WUaS, and especially concerning potentially integrating ...

~ John Money's thinking and implications for psychotherapy, e.g.

Concepts of Determinism -

Lovemaps -

~ as well as an interpretation of Primatological research (implicit in this blog and at WUaS too) ...
e.g. Bonobo chimpanzees - &
Primates -
Primatology at WUaS -

~ and HAI teachings (e.g. Human Awareness Institute - Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops)

~ and re Harbin Hot Springs

~ and re virtual HAI in a virtual Harbin

~ and for ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy anthropological research,

~ all intellectually interesting,

~ and body mind interesting/satisfying ...

~ in ways even that get to care and loving bliss


See, too -

Eastern cottonhead rabbit: Building on John Money’s exigencies in his section on “Concepts of Determinism” to inform a new kind of theory for talk psychotherapy and study of this clinically, What could such developments add to current outcomes, and especially in terms of diagnoses, as well as in terms of happiness-generation? {e.g engage music, engage loving bliss neurophysiology eliciting, engage Csikszentmihalyi's "Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience," plus, ... as well as strategy vis-a-vis these exigencies to do so ?}, Develop this in the psychiatry department of Friends' Hospital in Philadelphia (in the context of medicine, psychiatry and Quakers)?, Here's Michael First, the author of the DSM V, in VIDEO talking about its recent publication - DSM-5 Handbook of Differential Diagnosis: Meet the Author, "Psychiatry," "Psychology," "Psychotherapy," as well as the "Hospital" wiki subjects at WUaS


Sask, Gaë and Sébas,

Very nice to meet you, and thanks for your engaging and edifying talks at UC Berkeley.

Here, again, are the beginning ...

France World University and School -

French language WUaS - (not yet in French)

... which I hope we all can turn into the Harvard of France in French in millions of pages and in interactive realistic virtual worlds, with, for example, museums and the 'campagne française' +, with time, and as wiki (editable web pages).

Here are some blog posts of mine which touch on all of you a little :)

Flax Nectar: Jacques Lacan parle, "What Does Lacan Say About… Desire?", Freedom, Psychiatry at WUaS, Lacan video from 1972 with the French hippie in front of a large audience, Wonder what Lacan would do too with the idea of eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology - In the film he talks about transference as love, but seems to be a little limited by the discourse of psychiatry with which he is coming into conversation, Curious to articulate with time John Money's thinking in these regards with Lacan's, Meditation

Ring-tailed lemurs: Your Travels to Africa, New African Universities at WUaS, "Big Data," - "A very short history of big data" - "Big Data and Tourism," Artificial Intelligence and big data, Internet Activism and Big Data, France World University and School, WUaS itself will become big data with Universities/Schools in 9000 languages, Big Data and the emergence of a Virtual Harbin / Virtual World, "Aphilo Scott MacLeod Virtual Harbin Introduction Apr 09," Explore the Ocean in Google Earth with Sylvia Earle (2011)

Strobilanthes: Benin Africa World University and School planned in French and in all African languages there, Check out the (2,200) MIT OCW courses in English, "Loving Bliss (eliciting this neurophysiology)" wiki subject as example of a creative subject for open teaching and learning, Early version of 3 1/2 out of 9 chapters of my actual / virtual Harbin ethnographic book, Which of the following expressions in French gets at the sense of "Loving Bliss (eliciting this neurophysiology)"?

(accessible here from April 15, 2015 and earlier -

Gaë, as World University and School begins to develop in the new WUaS MediaWiki, I'll be in touch further about hosting a mirror site with you at the Sorbonne in Paris. 

Sas (and G & S), will you be at the Tourism Imaginaire conference in Geneva from June 24-26? I doubt I'll be there, due to lack of funding, although my actual / virtual Harbin book (I haven't yet heard back from Duke University Press, after 2 months) would make great contribution to this in a variety of ways, but looking forward to seeing you if I can make this journey.




Just heard Berkeley's Dr. Raul Moncayo's 2 intellectually engaging interviews about Lacan here - - where he also mentions Wilfred Bion (, another apparently fascinating psychoanalytic theorizer like Lacan, who did his analysis with John Rickman a Quaker - - who was "at Leighton Park, the Quaker school near Reading, along with two other leading members of the British Psychoanalytical Society, Helton Godwin Baynes and Lionel Penrose. Rickman later studied Natural Sciences at King’s College, Cambridge, followed by Medicine at St Thomas’s Hospital in London." ...

Long tradition of psychoanalytic MDs in Quakerism ... and getting psychoanalytic " theory " right (for the times) would also have a lot of merit ...

See too my blog post from today :) ...

Where do you and CIIS come out in some of the implicit questions here about psychoanalytic theory?

And for WUaS - and in many languages?  Mancayo also talks about "brief therapy" at the end of one of his talks ... appreciating the intelligence of his talks ...

Friendly regards,


Western Prairie Fringed Orchid: flourishingly generate caring and love? ... as neurophysiology, Harbin warm pool and Quaker Meeting, By neurophysiology I have something a little different in mind than the science of neurobiology, Languages and neurophysiology


will look to add this to Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy at WUaS, planning online psychotherapy and psychoanalysis  ...

Psychoanalysis -

Psychotherapy -


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