Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Western Prairie Fringed Orchid: flourishingly generate caring and love? ... as neurophysiology, Harbin warm pool and Quaker Meeting, By neurophysiology I have something a little different in mind than the science of neurobiology, Languages and neurophysiology

Hi Donald,

You mentioned neurophysiology on Sunday at Meeting and some thoughts about this have come to mind ... curious about your thoughts about this too ...

Neurophysiology of the Harbin warm pool and of Meeting have many parallels for me ... as kinds of releasing actions or centerings, and biologically as I see this ... I almost always feel transformed neurophysiogically somehow while at Harbin and upon leaving ... this is far-reaching neurophysiology and also kind of wondrous naturally.

(My mother too when I was little I'd say generated/communicated far-reaching neurophysiology of care and love ... as biology with me, her first son, - everyone having our own unique neurophysiologies. This is a powerful neurophysiology for me which might inform a future friendship with a partner - a pair bond and a troopbond in John Money's senses
{} - I hope, and which I also hope might influence even having kids (anticipating too thinking via conversation about their careers plus), as well as conceiving in general about flourishingly generating caring and love ... as neurophysiology.

How to access/elicit or generate these neurophysiologies whenever, and at different times of our lives and in different contexts?

By neurophysiology, I have something a little different in mind than the science of neurobiology see, for example ... and - and see, by contrast, also - Neurobiology at WUaS -

And how to generate these positive bodymind brain chemistries such as loving bliss neurophysiologies - Loving Bliss (eliciting this neurophysiology) and Caring and Loving ... - for others if possible ... and perhaps too via music.

How Quaker Meeting and Harbin differ biologically and culturally ... appreciating the pragmatic idealism of F/friendly caring history,  process and language ... and appreciating the 60s' informed, clothing optional, warm water-informed alternative vision or milieu of Harbin ... all as neurophysiologies  ... 

Yet Friends schools can seem to create milieus that flourishingly generate caring and love ... as neurophysiology for high schoolers (I'm thinking here in particular) ...

I'd hazard we have Agency, as intentional causation - for all of this - regardless of milieu. I'm not sure how to meditate / sit in QMeeting into 9 hours a day of this blissful love-care-joy neurophysiology however. But I'm curious. You?

Too much critical thinking about bliss? ... or ongoing avenues in, I think ...

I hope such explorations, almost as kinds of Quaker Meeting, might occur in virtual worlds like a virtual Harbin, and from our bathtubs, and with the music we love (which takes us "there" to neural cascades of pleasure, or radiant flowering flourishing brain bodymind chemistry neurophysiology), for one, in the now as a kind of on-off switch (sit in Meeting or in the Harbin warm pool neurophysiologies) ... - or I hope such explorations realistically continue haltingly via music-making and bliss generation with SCD (Scottish Country Dancing) Open Band, for example ... wherein otherwise the way opening to this is quite gradual.

Friendly regards, Scott


P.S. As an afterthought, how this focus on neurophysiology of care and love finds its way into language, can be communicated about with language, and even generated thereby is a pragmatic way "in" to eliciting such neurophysiology. 



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