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Wild columbine: July 11, 2015 Minutes (and Agenda) for Monthly Business Meeting for World University and School

July 11, 2015 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda for World University and School

World University and School
{Open} Business Meeting – Agenda (hour-long meeting)
July 11, 2015
9 a.m., Pacific Time

Present: Carl Thatcher, Larry Viehland and Scott MacLeod (clerk and recording clerk)

Minute 1 -

Welcome to new World University Board member Carl Thatcher, who will focus on Outreach and Development and especially among Quakers and F/friends in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest - .

Minute 2 -

Scott and Carl will seek to Googlify World University’s main page, first by contacting Evan S at Google, who Google-verified World University -  to make it more professional (and as we seek to eventually begin to develop in Wikidata as a wiki).

Minute 3 -

Scott will seek to write the upcoming grants in July and August - to Google (by 7/23), Cisco, and the Knight Foundation, if WUaS meets their criteria.  

Minute 4 -

Scott will explore WASC senior incubation possibilities with Stanford and SLS.


July 11, 2015 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda for World University and School

World University and School
{Open} Business Meeting – Agenda (hour-long meeting)
July 11, 2015
9 a.m., Pacific Time

Email - - if you'd like to participate.:


1. Welcome and Greetings

1.1 News:

Dear Universitians and friends,

With the WASC senior incubation policy development, WUaS is seeking our first high school applicants this autumn 2015 for online CC (so free) undergraduate degrees matriculating online in 2016. Sign up here, High Schoolers: . WUaS seeks to become the Stanford / Harvard of the Internet, first in English, and accrediting on best STEM-centric OpenCourseWare (e.g. CC MIT OCW and CC Yale OYC).

Welcome to new Board nominee Carl Thatcher. World University will consider Carl's nomination in this monthly business meeting.

WUaS's nominating committee would like to introduce Carl Thatcher as a Board nominee, and consider his nomination at the next WUaS monthly business meeting on Saturday, July 11. Carl is very interested in serving on the WUaS Board, and as a Quaker.

Carl was born into Swarthmore Quaker Meeting near Swarthmore College (Philadelphia) and grew up in Eugene, Oregon, where he was active with Friends. He has a bachelor's degree from Antioch College and a graduate degree/certificate from the University of Pennsylvania. He's worked in the field of Real Estate in Portland, Oregon, for many years now. Carl will focus on outreach and development in the Pacific Northwest.

World University's first 3 JOB listings are now public (for Reed students who have been awarded FWS) in Reed College's Simplicity. They are 3 Academic Tutor Intern Positions ... .
New flyer for World University and School -

Scott will be teaching the open free "Information Technology, the Network Society and the Global University" beginning in September on Harvard's virtual island and in Google group video Hangouts - and probably newly in Google Classroom, and potentially using Columbia Professor Hugh Cline's new book "Information Communication Technology and Social Transformation: A Social and Historical Perspective." All are welcome. See, for example -

4 Big Developments for WUaS in the past month - a) WUaS got Google Apps for Education for Free b) WASC Senior "Incubation Policy," c) Federal Work Study WUaS hiring possibility and in strategic partnership with Reed College, d) WUaS got a new business bank account with Employer Identification Number

WUaS will begin to send emails from the newly Google-verified domain, and related, which is in the great Gmail and Google Apps for Education.

See, too, the related:
Meeting WorldUniversity Friends

The agenda for the upcoming June 13th, 2015 WUaS, monthly, business meeting is here -

1.2 Minutes from June 2015

Minute 1:

WUaS will become a online host site for Reed College federal work study (FWS) students in September with contract. Scott, at Reed College presently, will explore further possibilities of a developing WUaS strategic partnership with Reed.

Minute 2:

Scott will explore further Wikidata / MediaWiki collaborations with G.W.

2. Committees

Nominating committee

Board member Carl Thatcher

Outreach / Development Committee - Carl as clerk?

As incoming Board member could you explore committing to raising $250,000 /year and from Friends+ and in the NW?

2.1 Planning committee

see Master plan and Business plan below


2.2 Finance

Treasurer's report for June 2015

WUaS received a significant donation, its largest ever - Thank you!

WUaS has the Guidestar (affiliated with the IRS) Gold Label -

2.3 Information Technology

Googlify WUaS’s main page. esp. since WUaS has been Google-verified

Scott will contact Evan S who Google-verified WUAS about this possibility

No word back from G.W. at Wikis about developing WUaS further in Wikidata

Qgil at Wikimedia has begun a phabricator pages about and moved the schedule up to July

Ongoing interesting discussion in Wikidata list about related qs including templates

2.4 WUaS Outreach

Carl and Scott have discussed related questions extensively, and in relation to

Development - fundraising

2.5 Hiring planning

REED COLLEGE FEDERAL WORK STUDY students this autumn with WUAS as host site

These will be World University’s first hires !!!

WUaS is getting on the US federal education budget line, one of WUaS's business plan goals

MIT students too - in 2015?

2.6 Fundraising
Target $250,000 per year, for incoming Board members?

2.7 Nominating committee

Seeking committee members, facilitators and recorders

Karl K at MIT?

Scott has sent email and called

Will follow up around July 14th

Carl - other Board members from MMM?

2.8 Languages' and Countries’ committee

plan for students whose English is marginal - please attend these Language Google Hangouts

bilingual degrees?

2.9 Accreditation committee

a. UC H Prof Bill W email of July 9

b. Senate Bill 81, which included language amending the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 (the "Act") to permit "independent institutions of higher education"


WASC senior

Common Application / NACAC - how to get on their list of schools? Costs?

Become member of NACAC for Common Application

3. WUaS Master Plan

4. WUaS Business Plan

5.  WUaS Board

- is looking for a new Board member to focus WUaS fundraising

6. New WUaS pages and updates

a. Updates:

b. New pages:
Electronics -

Costa Rica

July 11, 2015 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda for World University and School

Brilliant, Inspiring, Virtuosic - Faculty Speaker Karen Brennan: HGSE Convocation 2015

Accredited Schools' Online - What a great resource, What distinguishes accrediting Creative Commons' licensed CC World University and School from most online schools, All languages' focus and accrediting university degrees in most countries' main languages, WUaS is planning to offer online courses in a) group video with graduate student instructors teaching interactively to MIT OCW faculty in video, b) in interactive virtual worlds (think a hybrid of film-realistic OpenSim / SL / Google Earth), and c) in Google Apps for Education / Google Classroom, to begin


Aquilegia chrysantha: Music & Play? An electric Harley in the Museum? Stanford University's St Lawrence String Quartet, Great "waves to ride on ...," And here's a recent performance and post about the SLSQ ... ... at this "Scott MacLeod Music" G+ Profile page where I HOPE A LOT OF LIVE MUSIC-MAKING WILL EMERGE, AND as part of WUaS ...

Tiger quoll: [Wikidata] "property label/alias uniqueness," Wikidata conversation, ... CC Universal Translator ... out of Wikipedia's 288 languages ... into all 7929 languages?

Golden Toad: Chemistry Prof at Andover moves entire curriculum online so everyone can prepare for Chem AP !:) … (Translatable, too?), John Palfrey bringing Andover into the Information Age, World University in conversation with Google for our upcoming jobs this autumn: "These are the 4 attributes that ... ", World University and School's Academic intern position first 3 JOB listings in Reed College's Simplicity are now public (for Reed students who have been awarded FWS this autumn)

Cascades (ecoregion): "CC Universal_Translator for 7929+ langs at World University … with Bookstore with CC Library Resources in ALL Languages? Yes," "To Robotics at WUaS, - or to the planned Bookstore … in all 7929+ langs," Here's this MIT Tech Review article - "Amazon’s Latest Warehouse is a Giant Robot", Libraries Online in ALL 288 languages of Wikipedia, Further approaches you might be taking to aggregating online libraries - first by languages in ALL 7,929 languages

Jerdon’s Courser: Visit the Harbin Gate now in Google Earth, and walk down the road to Middletown, California, Sent my actual-virtual Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic book proposal "Naked Harbin" to Publisher this morning, Virtual Earth for STEM research will hopefully be Google made ... And building Virtual Harbin in a virtual Earth for STEM-centric research including ethnographic and anthropological research will be part of this, including especially for ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy, India and B.I.R.D.S. - Bharati Integrated Rural Development Society, Here's India World University and School, with much MIT OCW, Would love to visit BIRDS in a 3D interactive film-realistic Google virtual earth ... which could be used for education, free CC university degrees and organic farming development planning

Impatiens' species: Structuring World University's Data - Main Foci, "[Wikidata] Goal: Establish a framework to engage with data engineers and open data organizations," Unfortunately, WUaS doesn't yet have anyone to build our ~ 700 Wikia WUaS pages in Wikidata as a database, both Wikidata's as well as World University's openness seem in part to have to do with Creative Commons' licensing and in part with the framework you're creating for which WUaS is especially grateful.

Biological interaction: Strategic partnerships with CC Wikidata, and this Wikidata Engineering Community project, potentially a very far-reaching development re a strategic partnership between Wikimedia and World University, Email Thread Excerpts, Possible names for this - "Wiki Loves Open Data / WLOD," ""Sum of all Data," WUaS and "* Open data organizations have a subset of interesting data that could be used to improve Wikimedia wikis after being added to Wikidata" ... Could these ~10 main World University foci/areas could become part of framework

Glory bush: Universal Translator THROUGH a Digital Virtual Earth, Libraries in ALL 7,929 languages, Wikidata / wiki 3D interactive virtual earth libraries (building on Markus's beautiful maps, for example) will create digital libraries in all 7,929 languages re my post from yesterday, but concerning digital readable books "in the stacks," [Wikidata] New Wikidata maps, In what ways could such Commons' photos/images with millions of coordinates, related video resources, and other related Wikipedia items be incorporated into a 3D film-realistic interactive wiki-informed virtual world - think Google Earth with OpenSim, Second Life, Illustris + - and in a way that's wiki-buildable, and could be used even for STEM-research (e.g. mapping in specific photos and videos from the various archaeological digs at Troy), and decade-by-decade to begin, even, for a kind of historical reference time frame virtual-world mapping?, Wikidata / wiki 3D interactive virtual earth libraries but concerning digital readable books "in the stacks," Will every book in every language eventually get a Wikidata Q-item reference with coordinates and be includable in such a wiki virtual earth? And become a significant basis of an universal translator from these stacks in a virtual earth?

Greater Rhea: Just posted 3 new Reed College federal work study (FWS) volunteer/intern jobs in Symplicity, Very first jobs that World University and School creates - ... - (To post tomorrow - Building on the beautiful maps-with-Wikipedia entries ... )

Cattleya aclandiae: New 6 panel Tri-fold brochure for World University, and printable here -

Golden parakeet: Creating Jobs - General Academic Tutor - WUaS's first job description for Volunteers/Interns, and especially planned for Federal Work Study students awarded this at Reed College this autumn, Already listed here -

Toco toucan: Oregon Presbytery of the Cascades meeting, BIRDS school+ in India, and WUaS, In terms of inspiring education - which may help keep students involved in learning for many years as well as relevant to knowledge-oriented job generation, India and 5 planned degrees here in Admissions at WUaS, WUaS Organic Agriculture wiki subject/school

Migratory woodland caribou: inspired by your Harvard talk, "Brilliant, Inspiring, Virtuosic - Faculty Speaker Karen Brennan ..., "Inspiration_in_learning_and_teaching," "Ph.D._Degrees_at_World_University_and_School," "Media_Lab_at_World_University_and_School," "Creativity," Are you teaching any edX or other online free courses this autumn that I might participate in, by any chance?, This autumn, I'm teaching the free "Information Technology, the Network Society and the Global University" on Harvard's virtual island in SL, in Google Hangouts and newly in Google Classroom, if you know of people who might be interested, In what ways might we best communicate further about some of our shared creativity-in-education interests?

Cyprus mediterranean forests: Actual-virtual Harbin Hot Springs' book proposal (it's entitled "Naked Harbin") next, Thanks, Rory, for your newsletter from Europe, In what European bookstores/venues might I do readings and signings?, Rory MacLean author of "The Magic Bus," Looks like you know a lot about Germany, Transnistria and Cyprus, among other countries, and could help inform and guide some of these World University and Schools - see the main Nation States' WUaS - ...

Hoatzins: For Prospective Undergraduates - The College at WUaS Flyer 2015, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's President L. Rafael Reif What is Solve?

Celestial eye goldfish: Trip to Portland, Oregon (June, 2015), Oregon photos, WUaS got the contract documents for hiring Reed College Federal Work Study students as I pulled in to the Reed campus, "To Reed College and Friends Association for Higher Education (Quaker)," Slides from my FAHE talk last Saturday, June 20th, Videos from Reed College's 100th Anniversary (2011): Enjoyed Gary Snyder's talk here, and I also enjoy his visionary earth, Buddhist, hippie and 1960's informed poetry, Talk with former Reed College President Colin Diver In June 2011 as I was heading to the Rainbow Gathering in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Took a parallel trip to Portland, Oregon (January, 2015), WUaS's slideshow presentation from Reed's Paideia in January, Related blog entries

Underwater vents: Accredited Schools' Online - What a great resource, What distinguishes accrediting Creative Commons' licensed CC World University and School from most online schools, All languages' focus and accrediting university degrees in most countries' main languages, WUaS is planning to offer online courses in a) group video with graduate student instructors teaching interactively to MIT OCW faculty in video, b) in interactive virtual worlds (think a hybrid of film-realistic OpenSim / SL / Google Earth), and c) in Google Apps for Education / Google Classroom, to begin

Squirrel monkey: To the NEW Costa Rica World University - - with some Quaker links too? Planned also in Spanish+, Check out, too, "Hospitality_and_Tourism" and the "Investing - Socially Responsible" wiki Subjects at WUaS

Clouds: Friends Association for Higher Education (FAHE) WUaS near Portland Oregon 2015 Slideshow, "Growing the Religious Society of Friends in many languages, and with planned Ph.D.s & professional degrees"

Galapagos islands: Very cool that allows you to travel in video in a submersible to experience oceanographic research first hand, Added this to Marine Science at WUaS, And adding this to Oceanography at WUaS, See the Maritime Law wiki subject at WUaS

Whitewater: Am curious in what ways WUaS students will be able to attend Harvard or Stanford in a 3D interactive-film realistic virtual Google Earth, And in what ways will people be able to add their family photos and videos, etc., to such a virtual earth - made by Google Earth for one - to their historical virtual houses?, Go back to Harbin Hot Springs in the 1970s, Media_Lab_at_World_University_and_School

Giant panda: NYT - "China’s Troubling Robot Revolution," Curious how a law school in each country, under the WUaS umbrella, and ultimately with developing artificial intelligence, could inform how different countries approach their robotics, to the degree that online law could actually shape developing robotics, China, Robots and Jobs, Could, for example, Stanford Law School's legal artificial intelligence somehow override the computer code of Chinese Robots for military uses? Turn robotic swords into plough shares, in a Quaker sense?

Douglas-fir: WUaS can move to the contract completion process in order to become an official federal work study FWS host site for 2015-2016, Reed College and Philosophy

Blue Spruce: Reed College Meeting, How to teach counterculture (of the 1960s/70s) academically and in 2015? "Counterculture," "1960s," "Anthropology" wiki Subjects at WUaS, Actual / Virtual Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic manuscript, "Naked Harbin: Hippies, Warm Pools, Counterculture & Clothing-Optional, Virtual Harbin," The Rainbow Gathering might be one great field site for this, for example ...

Biological dispersal: Which World University student or students will figure out how to continuously travel world-wide, in multiple nation states, and complete an WUaS undergraduate degree over 4 years and taking about 36 STEM courses mostly MIT OCW and Yale OYC courses? And will any figure out how to do it while remaining in wilderness for all four years, and as a focus of study, or under water or even in space? :) Begin here ~

Pinus ponderosa: Minutes, (Financial Report) and Agenda for Monthly Business Meeting at WUaS

Siberian Tiger: June 13 WUaS monthly business meeting - Open, hour-long 9 am PT, Contact Info, Teaching the open free "Information Technology, the Network Society and the Global University" beginning in September on Harvard's virtual island, 4 Big Developments for WUaS in the past month, Presentation at Friends Association for Higher Education In Oregon, Google-verified domain, Resending "Developing Young Leaders - World University's Fund for Internships and Fellowships"

Brain: How did language evolve say between 200,000 years ago and 2 million years ago? "Indexicality" (Deacon)?, Explore the history of the origin or language with brain and cognitive science with the brain itself as evidence, The brain and bodymind itself, which after much further understanding, may well become evidence itself - "inside" of us, How too will Computational Linguistics help us understand further some of these questions?

7. SF f/Friends/Quaker WUaS developments


incoming Board member Carl is a Friend from Multnomah Monthly Meeting in Portland, Oregon - Welcome, Carl!

Ongoing conversation with SFFM and SF Bay Area Friends about WUaS.

8. Closure

9. Next WUaS Monthly Business Meeting - Saturday, August 8, 2015, 9 am Pacific Time

Scott MacLeod

President and Presiding Clerk
- 415 480 4577
- PO Box 442, (86 Ridgecrest Road), Canyon, CA 94516

- World University and School - like Wikipedia with best STEM-centric OpenCourseWare - incorporated as a nonprofit university and school in California, and is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt educational organization, both effective April 2010.



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