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Toco toucan: Oregon Presbytery of the Cascades meeting, BIRDS school+ in India, and WUaS, In terms of inspiring education - which may help keep students involved in learning for many years as well as relevant to knowledge-oriented job generation, India and 5 planned degrees here in Admissions at WUaS, WUaS Organic Agriculture wiki subject/school

Dear Paul Raja Rao, 

Thank you for your email, and from BIRDS - - and mother India! 

I hope WUaS can help make high school, university and even open people-to-people teaching WIKI (editable web pages) learning very enjoyable, as well as relevant to knowledge-oriented job generation - in terms of drop out rates, and especially in India. 

In terms of inspiring education - which may help keep students involved in learning for many years (as well as relevance) - please see this brilliant and virtuosic Harvard Professor Karen Brennan's commencement talk from May here - - in my blog post from yesterday (which will also give you other insights into how WUaS works). Karen has also been involved in the teaching programming with the drag and drop MIT Scratch computer language. World University hopes also to be in large languages in India, and accredit even an online India Law School at WUaS - . 

World University is seeking our first undergraduate college students to apply this autumn, and matriculate online in autumn 2016, graduating in 2020 potentially - - with free (since CC) and MIT-centric degrees. Please invite high school students you know of to add their names to the sign up list here - - and check out MIT Prof Anant Agarwal's video on this page too. He's originally from India and has degrees from MIT, and is now a professor there, and president of edX. 

What languages again do you speak besides English, Paul? Hindi, Kanada?, Telegu? And ?  

Very nice to meet you at the Presbytery meeting in Portland, Oregon. 



Dear Steve,

It was wonderful to meet you just a week ago almost to the hour at the Hillsdale Presbyterian Church near Portland, Oregon, on Friday, June 19 - and especially with Carl Thatcher (thank you, Carl). It was great to hear about your trip to India and about BIRDS as well. Thank you for the success of Paul Raja Rao's BIRDS projects, and especially in educating over 600 students, for example. 

I'd like to share a little about World University and School - - with you, and its planned online Creative Commons' licensed degrees - see the 5 planned degrees here in Admissions - - for planning purposes, for example. 

At the same time WUaS seeks to offer wiki (editable web pages) schools for open teaching and learning in all 7,929 languages. Sal Khan, who went to MIT for 2 degrees, taught online to his 11 old niece about unit conversion in this way, for example, and then went on to build Khan Academy itself online, but without degrees. Perhaps some of BIRDS students will come both to teach in this way at Wiki WUaS also also to study for free degrees at CC World University - and to/in all of India and beyond. 

And as an example of some open wiki subjects, which will grow, World University also has a beginning India World University and School (not yet in any other languages in India besides English) - - as well as an Organic Agriculture wiki subject/school - - which will grow in open teaching, courses, and in different languages. (WUaS is also changing wiki sites eventually). 

WUaS is very much a Quaker/Friendly leading to provide free highest quality education online, and with best STEM-centric degrees, to people who need it and can benefit from it, and as a service. 

In what ways can World University and your church in Grants Pass, as well as the Presbytery of the Cascades itself, possibly best explore further a pilot degree program in the BIRDS school and computer lab in India, or other ways of BIRDS subscribing to WUaS? Do you know of other Presbyterian education and service endeavors?  

Could Carl (or I) possibly please talk further about this with you in person? 

It was wonderful to meet you and looking forward to exploring this online free and MIT OCW-centric education for free degrees further in many ways. 

Yours with Gratitude, 


Hi Carl,

Thanks. Progresa also came to San Francisco Friends' Meeting in 2012.

How best for WUaS to collaborate and engage with them?

Please invite high schoolers to sign up here -

And invite Progresa and their high schoolers - MIT OCW-centric WUaS in Spanish is planned - -

also again to sign up here -  

See too - search on Progresa - in the following blog posts here - 

Progresa is a happening Quaker project, significantly funded by Redwood Friends Meeting and other Meetings ... want to emulate them for WUaS and visit Meetings yourself? Find out how ...  




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