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Hoatzins: For Prospective Undergraduates - The College at WUaS Flyer 2015, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's President L. Rafael Reif What is Solve?

World University & School

Prospective Undergraduates

Considering World University?  Come spend a day in "The College” and get a feel for academic and student life.

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What to do

  • Participate in our Discover World University program (reservations required)
  • or take a online “Walking” Tour of The College at WUaS (reservations not required).
  • Visit a class. Class lists are available in Courses
  • Attend a 45-minute question and answer session with current World University undergraduates (Program under development - Student Forum)

Additional Activities

  • Visit the Offices of Admissions (and Donor Center) to ask general questions.
  • If you do not participate in our Discover World University program take a “Walking” Tour of The College at WUaS
  • Pick up a self-guided tour map at the Visitor Center and walk around campus at your leisure.
  • Explore the Museums at WUaS
  • Meet with a faculty or staff member in an academic department of interest. (Please make an appointment directly with the department in advance of your visit.)

You should know

When planning your trip, remember your visit to campus is for your informational purposes only. World University does not track visitors or conduct on-campus interviews as part of the undergraduate admission process. Prospective students are encouraged to visit on a weekday Pacific Time because most departments, including the Undergraduate Admission Office, are closed on weekends.
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"What are the advantages of getting OCW, STEM-centric course credits?  How might those credits be valued in the marketplace or in an overall effort for a student toward getting coursework for an undergrad degree?  What might be the price differences for a prospective student of say, a year with WUaS compared to a year at MIT?  What things would a funding foundation want to know about your offering?  Or another say, secondary ed institution?  Or parents of a possible student?"


Massachusetts Institute of Technology's President L. Rafael Reif:

What is Solve?


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