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Roses: Lightning Talk about CC World WUaS's recent donation to CC Wikidata for its 3rd birthday on October 29th, streamed in a Google Hangout - - tomorrow around 11am PT at/from the Wikimedia Foundation at 149 New Montgomery, SF, Here are the slides for my Lightning Talk & and the video recording on 11/24 What WUaS donated to Wikidata

Lightning Talk about CC World University and School's recent donation to CC Wikidata for its 3rd birthday on October 29th, streamed in a Google Hangout - - tomorrow around 11am PT at/from the Wikimedia Foundation at 149 New Montgomery, SF.

November 24, 2015

Here's the actual Google group video Hangout from earlier today with the video recording from the Wikimedia Foundation at 149 New Montgomery Street in San Francisco. (I gave the last presentation, which begins at about 47:25). 

Lightning Talks - November 2015


Hi Romaine (and Gerard), 

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, Romaine, and thanks for looking into my e-mail and WUaS's donation to Wikidata.

In some ways, what WUaS donated is 720 Wikia wiki pages in English which make up the plans and templates for online CC universities and schools, planned in a) all 7,938+ languages, each a wiki page/school for open teaching and learning to begin, and especially for b) online universities planned in ~200 countries' main languages, and ACCREDITING (which WUaS plans to do) on CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC. Best to glance at the ~10 main areas that WUaS donated here - - from "Languages, Nation States ... Libraries, Museums ...  to Research" to get an idea of how inter-lingual databases will emerge from these pages, templates and plans. WUaS thus plans to offer online, free, CC, Bachelor, Ph.D., Law, M.D. and I.B. (high school) diplomas in most countries' main languages, while facilitating open wiki schools in 8K languages where you or anyone can teach to your web camera or otherwise creatively, or learn toward a free STEM-centric degree, building to begin in WUaS MediaWiki and Wikidata/Wikibase. 

By extension and because we're all CC, CC WUaS also donated CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC to CC Wikidata, at least to work with, so part of the accreditation process on both the front end and the data back end side, will include developing CC MIT OCW for credit as WUaS courses toward WUaS degrees, planned in many countries, each an online university in their main language.  WUaS seeks to begin doing this with 3 languages, as a kind of pilot project, say English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, since they are in MIT OCW, are UN languages, are huge languages, and are of course Wikipedia languages too. But it may be easier to do this with all countries' main languages, since Wikipedia/Wikidata is likely in all of these languages anyway.

Here is an version of World University and School MediaWiki - - which I created this spring to give you an idea where I'm heading with it ... and which would eventually be coded with Wikidata and machine learning (in SPARQL and OWL), and in all languages. And here is the installed WUaS MediaWiki main page - - but which is buggy and turned off because it was spewing emails, for one. (I can share the password information with you). Since I've developed most of the past 720 pages, and in a previous WUaS wiki as well, and the current Wikia wiki is mostly locked, I'm also interested in getting back to developing newly in WUaS MediaWiki and with Wikidata for multi-linguality. As a first question, could you possibly please get WUaS MediaWiki up and working again? 

I was glad to read the following just today from Lydia that MediaWiki itself will be able to access Wikidata on Dec 2. Could we possibly please develop a further plan for getting WUaS up and running in both WUaS MediaWiki and Wikidata and make this public then on December 2nd, basically building out from this SUBJECT_TEMPLATE - which inform nearly all of the 720 WUaS Wikia wiki pages, and adding and building in databases in the appropriate sections on this page? 

WUaS  also seeks to have interns beginning to develop WUaS in January 2016 (eg developing the law schools in different languages, etc.).

The link to the plan I wrote at Lydia's suggestion is below, if that's helpful, and I may seek to develop it further, if people start engaging it. 

I also post much to my blog about this under the wiki - - and global university labels, and there's also some in the WUaS blog as well - . 

WUaS seeks to become the Harvard of the Internet, and again in all languages as schools and in all countries's main languages as universities, and of course as a huge RESEARCH university, and as wiki. 

Thank you.

Best regards, 



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