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Chukar partridge: Sa, Nov 14, 2015 OPEN ONLINE Monthly Business Meeting Agenda for World University and School


November 14, 2015 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda for World University and School

World University and School
{Open} Business Meeting – Agenda (hour-long meeting)
November 14, 2015
9 a.m., Pacific Time

Email - - if you'd like to participate.

In preparation for World University and School's open monthly business meeting on Sat. November 14th at 9 am Pacific Time in a G+ group video Hangout from this related G+ Profile page - (from which you should be able to click "JOIN HANGOUT") - I think everyone should use a gmail address, - and have added each other to their circles. 

1. Welcome and Greetings



NEWS about World University and School: 

1 WUaS's OPEN monthly business meeting meets this Saturday November 14th at 9 am PT. Email if interested in participating, and see WUaS's blog below for further WUaS business meeting information, as well as the developing agenda here - 

2 WUaS needs your help. You can make 501 (c) (3), U.S., federal, tax-deductible contributions directly to World University and School, P.O. Box 442, (86 Ridgecrest Road), Canyon, California, 94516. Alternately, you can give by credit card or PayPal account here at  

3 CC WUaS seeks undergraduate applicants to apply next autumn 2016 and matriculate online in the autumn of 2017 for free CC degrees, first in English; WUaS is open now as a wiki (editable web pages) for you to teach at, learn from and create with.  

4 WUaS is looking forward to being a "real entrepreneurial client" in UC Berkeley course ""New Business Counseling Practicum and Seminar" with Boalt Law Professor Will Kell in the new year. 

5 WUaS gave away CC World University and School (WUaS to CC Wikidata last week ... yup ... the whole thing ... Creative Commons' licensing is curious however ... and ... and WUaS still plans to develop online courses in many languages (e.g. CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC) toward free CC degrees, accredit, and help to build WUaS, planned in all 7938+ languages in the great inter-lingual Wikidata database (written for Wikipedia's 300 languages) and with machine learning. In seeking to become the Harvard of the Internet in all countries' main languages, WUaS doesn't know of any other Universities developing around machine learning. 


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