Monday, October 3, 2016

Pom Pom crab: Glad to have had the first meeting in the UC Berkeley Law class today at noon for my World University and School for the second semester in a row +

Hi M,

Glad to have had the first meeting in the UC Berkeley Law class today at noon for my World University and School for the second semester in a row. I hope this will further facilitate my career, many others' careers in ALL 8k languages, and a career for me at the MIT Media Lab, as I continue my Harbin research.

I'd like with this tenure track MIT Media Lab junior faculty position, if I make the short list and eventually get the job - and because the greater Boston area is a very expensive place to live - to get a beautifully designed house within a mile or so of a T stop, for around $50,000 through MIT.

As I wrote H yesterday after ordering 10 copies of my book for readings and signings and for resale ...

"Hi H,

Thanks. I just ordered 10 copies of my actual-virtual Harbin ethnography that should arrive around Th 10/13, so Robert Messenger should have a copy in hand the following week.

Writing and publishing a book and developing a reader community - and a virtual Harbin visiting community for a new social science method I'm calling ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy even (e.g. visit the Harbin gate in Google Street View here - - with link in the profile description, and "walk" down the road to Middletown) is an unfamiliar journey for me. Eager to get back into the field, perhaps as early January, if Harbin is open again then.

So I'm very grateful for your letting me know how to send W book editor, RM, one of my Harbin books. Thank you.

Waiting to hear if I made the short list for a tenure track MIT Media Lab junior faculty position. Will head back to Cambridge, MA, to give a talk and for interviews in late October / early November if I do.

Upcoming schedule of readings here - - with none scheduled online yet :)

Thanks, Scott"

My field work at Harbin which will likely begin in January again, weekly probably, but may only take place possibly over 4-5 months on-the-ground, if I can move back to a house in Boston in May or June of 2017.

But this field work is a most ENJOYABLE aspect of my Harbin ethnographic project - which is kind of a "hippie to the hot spring" ethnographic project, - and being "on the road" doing this. After May or June 2017, I'd have to do field work virtually - in the making of virtual Harbin which has been part of my project all along - and fly too to CA from MIT with budget for field work.

I'm think I'm aiming to get a tablet for the first time ever - a third digital screen device in my life - and for reading sheet music (and saving on printer cartridge costs too), and perhaps as a Kindle reader device too. I'm currently thinking of the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 which came out in Jan 2014 and looks like it's available refurbished for $336 plus shipping here - . Here's a helpful video description - - with some possible peripherals.  (Here's the Kindle Reader application for Android for free - - but which may make sense waiting on for a while longer).

I'm planning to send S a birthday present today - since 10/5 is coming up soon - and it will probably be my Harbin book, which could point to some interesting architectural questions for him, or at least he might enjoy the photos of buildings (part. the Temple and Domes). This will be a homemade gift in a way. :)

I hope you have a great day, Mm! Headed to Stanford yesterday to get further emails from my back log sent.




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