Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lakes in Lake County, CA: UC BERKELEY LAW "NEW BUSINESS PRACTICUM" - Thank you!, Realistic virtual earth that World University is planning, The somewhat undeveloped "time slider" feature here in the top left in Google Street View at the Harbin Gatehouse, I write about this in my new actual virtual Harbin book - and - as a new method I'm developing in the social sciences and STEM fields I'm calling ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy, "Grateful Dead Live at Greek Theatre - University of California on 1968-10-20," "Dear Great Bookstore Manager in Palo Alto ...", Upcoming Harbin Book Readings/Signings' Schedule, Heartsong at Harbin Book Release Parties?

Hi Abboud, (and Philip, Arvind and Prof. Bill), 

For your interest, Abboud, you asked about the realistic virtual earth that World University is planning, which conceptually will be like Google Street View/Maps/Earth with TIME SLIDER and OpenSimulator (for group building, like in SL too). You can see the somewhat undeveloped "time slider" feature or functionality here in the top left in Google Street View at the Harbin Gatehouse in the first link here (which I see in Chrome browser) - - and with which you can toggle between 2007 and 2012. 

(I write about this in my new actual virtual Harbin book - and - as a new method I'm developing in the social sciences and STEM fields I'm calling ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy with ongoing Harbin ethnographic field work ahead in these regards). 

I also added my 2001 photo of the Harbin Gate (it's a slightly washed out photo) - in a kind of wiki adding process to Google Street View. It isn't possible to go into Harbin in Street View, but it is possible to "walk" down the 4 mile road virtually to Middletown, the closest town.

When we all in our own 7,097 living languages can each add our own videos and Youtube videos to Street View as a field site (e.g. Archaeologists adding film from Troy excavations in 1910 and 1958 - and patch this all together year after year - or someone adding their Grateful Dead videos from 1966 at the Greek in Berkeley ( and 1979 in NY, and have them digitally become part of the realistic virtual earth, topographically and historically, this will also become a very interesting STEM and Humanities' "classroom." And it's when the people in such realistic Youtube videos can become avatar bots < > and vice versa, that the research possibilities for digital robotics will become fascinating. When they become autonomous that will be even more fascinating - re avatar agency). 

Wikimedia/Wikipedia/Wikidata uses OpenMaps so there are open Street View/Maps versions on the horizon, but Google Street View /Maps' integration with Earth, in a topographically accurate way as well as with a photographed Google Earth is unparalleled as a base for all of this. 

Hoping to get the For-Profit Business Model canvas plan to you soon, based on the CC handout Bill gave me at the close of our meeting at Berkeley Law on Monday Oct. 3. (Arvind - thank you again for last semester! Would you like to meet for a coffee or similar to talk further about WUaS planning a For-Profit business side, including seeing how this would work on paper?) 

Thanks again, Abboud, Philip and Bill.

All the best, Scott

Dear Great Bookstore Manager, 

Someone who works for you at "Books" in Palo Alto yesterday gave me your Booksstore's flyer re consignment, and after looking it over, I'm emailing to greet you, and say that the Academic Press at World University and School ( has a policy against management fees ($30), as well as that we generally do not release a book on consignment (due to shop wear, etc., issues).

That said, my Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic book lists for $64.95, has about 180 full color photos, is printed on 8.5 x 11 inch pages and would make a wonderful gift book too. It's a very lovely and original book, in addition to being an actual-virtual ethnography of a fascinating place in northern California. Have you been to Harbin? 

"Naked Harbin Ethnography" is also now available in many distributors' online inventories, and if doing an event or reading were possible with you at Books Inc., I would list this on the book's web page - - as free advertising for your bookstore. 

I'll have a few copies on hand soon, and could offer it to your bookstore. for slightly less than the wholesale distributors' cost, if you'd be interested. I would also gladly bring some by the next time I'm at Stanford (which is often).

Thank you. 

Scott MacLeod
(Author, and publisher of new Academic Press at World University, planned with machine translation in all countries' official languages)

Hey Heartsong, 

I just heard back from the Lakeport head librarian that I have the meeting room booked in the Middletown library on November 5th, at 11am, for my actual virtual Harbin book release party / reading! I want too to give you your birthday present of my book. 

Will you be around? Would you like to come over to Lakeport library too for the other release party / reading which begins at 2 pm. 

While the Kindle reader app which works on ANY device is supposed to be free, and the Kindle edition of my Harbin book lists for $24.99 - and accessible from here - - I think I'm going to try to figure out how people can get the Kindle version of my "Naked Harbin Ethnography" book for $19.99 if they use a special code, all of which I may print on a piece of paper and hand out. 

It would be really fun to talk with you with folks in the Middletown and Lakeport libraries about Harbin on Sat Nov 5 at 11am and 2pm, if you'd be interested. 

Jaima, Scott



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