Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fjord, Norway: Scotland World University and School AND World within a world, Gaming within a realistic virtual earth (creating them too), "#Microsoft gets a little help from #Intel to speed up #deeplearning #AI operations using #FPGA #Stratix10 chips" , To the "Chips - Semiconductors" wiki subject at WUAS


Great to talk with you again after Stanford Medicine Grand Rounds today. As I think further about your potential interest in an online course on Scottish literature or Scottish history - it would be great to explore communication with the former chancellor, and your friend from while studying there, at the University of Glasgow in these regards. (Do I have this correct?). While I think you might have some good ideas about the kind of course you might be interested in - and be able to shape
this from a learner's perspective - off the top of my head, I think a kind of Smart History (Khan Academy) conversation approach between 2 knowledgeable Scottish researchers / Ph.D.s / faculty, and interesting speakers, could be fascinating - and toward even a course or two at Scotland World University and School - (both for credit and open eventually) - in English and possibly in Scots Gaelic as well. But there are many approaches here, and it's possible that your friend knows of course-long videos for this anyway.

Scotland WUaS will soon be openly editable in this new wiki - - and is planned in English and Scots' Gaelic (and indeed in all Scottish languages as wiki schools for open teaching and learning, like Wikipedia in its many languages). And the CC MIT OpenCourseWare will the basis of WUaS's for-credit classes - - and could be translated into Scots if helpful and desired.

I would be very interested in exploring finding someone to head Scotland World University and School.

I could also further potentially explore bringing Edinburgh Professor of Gaelic, Wilson McLeod, into this conversation as well. He's a friend/acquaintance of mine (and an American originally, I think, having gone to Haverford College for undergraduate and Harvard Law School) before Edinburgh.

I talked with one James Tynan at Khan Academy about 3 or 4 years ago. He's originally from Australia, but still works at Khan, and might be a good resource for exploring Smart History (examples - - and - albeit I'm a little hesitant to engage him at this point because World University and School doesn't have any monies whatsoever. But I suspect
there might be a lot of ways to build on these as well.

And I would be very interested in exploring finding someone such as your friend, or someone he knows, to head Scotland World University and School, in aiming for excellence and a flourishing learning conversation - both wiki (editable web pages) and best OpenCourseWare-centric
(emerging out of CC MIT OCW and CC Yale OYC as examples of excellence).

Thank you.

With very best wishes,

#Microsoft gets a little help from #Intel to speed up #deeplearning #AI operations using #FPGA #Stratix10 chips.

To ...

Re the future of software engineering: And Video games within a realistic virtual earth, conceptually like Google Streetview / Maps / Earth and at the cellular, atomic and subatomic worlds - see, too ... ...
Video games within video games? Worlds we create within virtual worlds?



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