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Plate tectonics: Blockchain ledger and planning for technical programming - re Stanford, Blockchain ledger data standards for health care sound worth developing, Robotic surgery, Conceptually - like Quickbooks/Multi-Store/TurboTax particularly for their multiple countries' multiple languages, A realistic virtual earth at the street view, cellular, atomic and subatomic levels-think Google Streetview / Maps / Earth with TIME SLIDER and conceptually with group build-able OpenSimulator/SL- in all 7,099 living languages

Lots of possibilities, though a lot of it ends up being more of a governance (people) issue than technical.

Getting some consistent data standards would help a lot, which is something that top-down approach might work better, but we’re currently stuck with lots of local and regional developments.

Jonathan H. Chen, MD, PhD
Stanford Department of Medicine


Blockchain ledger data standards for health care sound worth developing  ... per online WUaS teaching hospitals in ~200 countries' official languages / clinical trials in 7,099 living languages ...  and keeping in mind planning for 7.5 billion people ... and with Chinese, Spanish, English and German as pilot languages at World University and School in addition to the pilot languages of CC MIT OCW Translated Courses - - which include Chinese and Spanish.

Things get a bit more complicated technically in planning for a realistic virtual earth for Robotic surgery (which Da Vinci project, for example, Stanford's Dr. James Lau told me about in May -, for example, and from within a realistic virtual earth at the street view, cellular, atomic and subatomic levels - - (think Google Streetview / Maps / Earth with TIME SLIDER and conceptually with group build-able OpenSimulator/SecondLife - in all 7,099 living languages) and for STEM research, and what I'm calling ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy, where we can build this together (  Coding for this realistic virtual earth in combination with the Google Brain project - - and keeping in mind coding for all species, for example, makes this even a bit more technically interesting, I'd think. Stanford Neuroscience Professor Bill Newsome is a great contact here, and he told me he was just in communication with Google/Stanford's Tom Dean.

If online Medical Schools / Teaching Hospitals in each of all ~200 countries' official languages emerged in partnership with Stanford Medicine's Grand Rounds' speaker Sanjeev Arora MD with "Project ECHO" - - as a basis (in all ~200 countries' languages informing standards ...) and beginning with, for example, Sanjeev's example of their beginning with Hepatitis C to bring specialists to rural areas, with the three specialists - a Gastroenterologist, a Pharmacologist and a Psychiatrist - the Blockchain ledger data on the World University and School non-profit side would develop alongside the Blockchain / Bitcoin data for Pharmacological resources on the WUaS Corp for-profit side, country by country, and grow complicated with machine learning, AI and machine translation.

Governance-wise, I think Google Streetview/Maps/Earth has already laid the beginning ground work for this - and it certainly could be a focus for the WUaS Nation States' wiki subject - (each to become a major university at WUaS in its official / main languages) and in this WUaS realistic virtual earth - and with the "Economics" and "Governance", for example, as well as Internet of Things - - wiki subjects among many others. There are a lot of Blockchain/Bitcoin potential coding endeavors at WUaS ... and WUaS, conceptually, seeks to build out of Intuit's Quickbooks/Multi-Store/TurboTax, particularly for their multiple countries' multiple languages - eg - and their potential focus on countries' developments even in their tax codes.

WUaS would like to begin by hiring many Stanford graduate students - in Medicine and CS for example - and especially who are native speakers of English, Chinese, Spanish and German, as well as students who might know the MIT OCW Translated Courses' languages.

(On the for-profit wing, how also to code the Blockchain ledger/Bitcoin to deliver 11.5% annually in perpetuity on all ~200 countries' stock exchanges - This is technically complicated economics, I would think.

I think the technical requirements of coding for a realistic virtual universe will involve Stanford / MIT graduate students who know the medicine and STEM in order to be able to code for it (e.g. medicine in deep space).

I think Stanford's B.H. MD and A.V. MD might be good people to talk further with about some of this on the World University and School non-profit wing. And Stanford Medicine (and Law) could "drive" and benefit from these technical projects in multiple ways. But planning for the Blockchain ledger with all 7.5 billion people in mind is a/the real opportunity here for Stanford.

Thanks, Jonathan.

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