Sunday, November 5, 2017

Peak District: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were pretty good friends - GREAT CONVERSATION in "Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Interview (Full Video in 2007+)," 1960s, English, free, global university, Grateful Dead, Harbin ethnography, Hippy, information technology, learning, music, Oxbridge, play, practicing, Quaker, Scotland, LSE and OXFAM's Duncan Green at Stanford on his book "How Change Happens" (OUP 2016), Perhaps Quaker OXFAM could even administer an UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME to all 7.5 billion people through WUaS in part, Making my "Naked Harbin Ethnography" (WUaS Press 2016) ~ ~ available for FREE on my web site?, Stanford economics' professor John B. Taylor and a cryptocurrency ... in all 200 nation states' official languages ... in all 7,099 living languages at @WUaSPress?

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Interview (Full Video)

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together (in a historic joint interview) in 2007, at D5 Conference. 

Steve Jobs with Bill Gates Interview
Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates Interview
Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs Interview
Bill Gates with Steve Jobs Interview

Gates mentions virtual bookstore> … 2007+ @WUaSPress to grow virtual/actual bookstorefronts … ~

Mobile bookstores managed from with a realistic virtual earth (with TIME SLIDER) ... (and eventually for flying electric automobiles - think "The Jetsons" too)...

Great Conversation - Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Interview (Full Video) … How will collaboration work inter-lingually?


Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Interview (Full Video) … Question about Wiki at about 51 min mark >

Saturday, Nov 3, 2017

Hi M,

May pipe here a bit to video-recording - before heading to a monthly Scottish country dance social in a nice hall just north of Berkeley in New Kensington in the Arlington Community Church - and so pipe in kilt.

I'm learning from the video process, and while no recordings are perfect so far (my perfection bug, that I try to relax away from), the process is edifying, as a kind of self-generated feedback too, and
even as a curious conversation for improving. (I'm a fan of Steeleye Span, and while they don't have a piper, I'd like to head toward their "musicality" in my piping ... good concert from Cardiff here in 1994 with allusions to a British alternative 1970s' way

... . ...  I'm also a fan of Kathryn Tickell's Northumbrian piping ... eg here's their "Signs"

... ).

Just heard Duncan Green speak at Stanford on his book "How Change Happens" (Oxford University Press 2016) - - and he looks a little like Johnny Kidd interestingly. Duncan's an academic at the London School of Economics and works for the AID organization OXFAM - - which was started by Quakers he said (of which I have a vague recollection) - and an Englishman (with whom I resonate from having lived two years in Edinburgh, Scotland). (Perhaps Oxfam could even administer a Universal Basic Income to all 7.5 billion people through WUaS in part). Duncan and I talked afterward and connected about OXFAM's Quaker roots, - when I said that WUaS was Quaker-informed in part. He has a physic's undergraduate degree from Oxford ... and is smart, and his explicit interest in British 1960's informed social change is unusual culturally in my experience living among Brits. He mentioned too how his book is available for free for download on its web site - - even as he
was doing a book release presentation at Stanford (and it came out in Oct 2016) - and he was selling copies at Stanford during his talk.

This example leads me to think that I may make my "Naked Harbin Ethnography" available for free on my web site ~ ~ and - (World University and School Press 2016) - as a way even to increase sales, counter-intuitively, but also in the spirit of free open source, and the Grateful Dead, who allowed their concerts to be recorded, and created and welcomed an active culture of trading cassette recordings and tapes ... and the GD also did well commercially, I think, and as a hippy SF Bay Area band.

It hasn't sold very much, and this could be the answer ... May release it on December 1 ... so soon.

How was your day? How are you?

L, Scott

Sunday, Nov 4, 2017

Stanford economics' professor John B. Taylor (
 and and a cryptocurrency ... in all 200 nation states' official languages ... in all 7,099 living languages at @WUaSPress?

He went to Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh, PA, as did I ... not chosen recently to be new head of Federal Reserve - - but he has blogged recently about 3 different countries currencies -


Could we talk Prof Taylor @EconomicsOne abt cryptocurrency w blockchain re MIT OCW @WorldUnivAndSch @WUaSPress … SSA79



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