Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rosehip-honeysuckle: In the Storm the Honeysuckle Danced

(simple version of yesterday's poem ...)

In the Storm the Honeysuckle Danced

In the storm
the honeysuckle danced,
and winds rushed,
while whole trees shook.
We lived through this hurricane
in a golden sun room, with skylights,
and sun-windows
all around, at dusk,
glowily observing.

Snug and warm
in unheated house,
the music played
both inside and out, as this
east coast maritime tempest,
with its powerful weather,
kept us in.

A bird flew over
sailing effortlessly in these winds,
crossing one skylight,
and I marveled
at the power, the shaking,
the branch scratching at this house,
at this wind's strength, -
for it is summer,
and winter storms
are far worse, and colder.
This house sits steadily
in its dwelling-meditation
of sheltering protection
from the storm.

Thunderstorms without
lightning here in MA.
Refreshing and cozy it is
to linger inside, and watch.
And how great it is reconnecting
with old friends here too ... 
Happy Independence Day -
as the honeysuckle continued
to dance in the storm.



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