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Flowers on the sea ~ Holiday greetings 2013 !

Flowers on the sea ~ Holiday greetings 2013!

Ahoy! Ships’ ahoy! Land ahoy! Wildflowers' ahoy! Happy Holidays’ ahoy! World University and School - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University -has grown over the course of the year, but WUaS’s skiff is only just floating, and not yet running before the wind, in full sail.  

Flower ~ World University and School is seeking its first high school applicants this autumn 2013 to matriculate online next autumn 2014, first in English, for free, Creative Commons' licensed, MIT OCW-centric (e.g. http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/audio-video-courses/ - not endorsed by MIT), undergraduate, online, accredited, bachelor degrees. WUaS is planning for our students to be up to speed, should they wish to apply to MIT for a year, for example, during their studies. Please let high school students know, who can use the MIT application information here -
Flower ~ And thanks to Creative Commons’ licensed, wiki (editable web pages) World University and School, with its wiki-openness, and C.C. MIT OCW as Academic standard, basis and content, - and eventually for all 7,105+ languages and in all 242+ countries - WUaS is seeking to generate a flourishing, people-to-people, teaching and learning conversation, with an invitation to edit a page, and teach to your web camera. Wikipedia is in 287 languages, by way of comparison, and we all created this. 
Flower ~ World University and School continues to hold electronically-mediated, hour-long open, monthly business meetings on the second Saturdays of the month at 9 am PT, in the manner of Quakers, and having been doing these in Google + group video Hangouts for more than a year now. You’re invited to participate in these and contribute to World University and School’s burgeoning conversation as well as development of WUaS, decision making-wise. The Google + Hangouts remarkably facilitate international communication. WUaS welcomes you to participate, via - https://plus.google.com/u/0/115890623333932577910/posts - and via this email address - worlduniversityandschool@gmail.com - and via this WUaS blog - http://worlduniversityandschool.blogspot.com/.

Flower ~ In seeking to become a MIT / Harvard of the internet, WUaS’s free, C.C., online, university degrees in many languages will benefit so many people, - and is also a fascinating conversation and process to develop.

Flowers ~ WUaS is also planning a Music School (in all instruments in all languages) ... http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University_Music_School


Flower ~ Editing of the 400 manuscript pages of my actual / virtual Harbin ethnographic book proceeds apace ~ http://harbin.org. I'll send out a book proposal to Yale University in the New Year, as I continue with anthropological fieldwork at Harbin, with potentially 3 or 4 more Harbin books planned – see the Harbin labels beginning with this one - 
http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/search/label/Harbin%20Hot%20Springs. I find Harbin inspiring and fascinating, emerging from the 1960s and 1970s as it does, and especially its pools-centric milieu and influences therein. 
Flower ~ I taught again the "Information Technology and the Network Society" course, on Harvard's virtual island, as well as in a Google + group video Hangout this autumn, with participants across 14 time zones, - a remarkably diverse group of course participants. 

Flower ~ I also continue to teach yoga - http://scottmacleod.com/yoga.htm - but not yet online; I'm curious to explore teaching {and learning} yoga via in something like Skype or in a Google + Hangout with a large screen. 


Flower ~ I continue to give bagpipe lessons to a young piper in the SF Bay Area, about half of this in Skype or Google + Hangouts, as well as take Skype bagpipe lessons from a teacher via the College of Piping in Scotland.  


Flower ~ And I continue to blog daily,  - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/ - which I've been doing now for nearly 5 years, and which is a way to share ideas, even as a kind of conversation, and which I find inspiring in a variety of ways. Read some poems in the ‘Poetry’ label here, for example.


Flower ~ And in a variety of ways, I continue to explore thinking out of the box ... with a focus of inquiry on eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology, here, for example - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Loving_Bliss_(eliciting_this_neurophysiology) - and here - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/search/label/loving%20bliss ... I haven't yet found the 'on/off switch,' the 'cello bow stroke,' or the dial, but listening to music is a beginning. 

Flower ~ My home in the east bay hills of the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the city of Oakland's watershed, in the community of Canyon, above a redwood forest, continues to be inspiring in so many ways.

Canyon, California

Flowers ~ Here are a few of the poems I've written this year, which I think you'd enjoy ...  

Resplendent Quetzal: Light lumens illuminated lightly

Blue Bird-of-Paradise: Harbin Waters’ Cosmic Consciousness

Green sea turtle: Light, Float, Sit

Swimming iguana: Email to Cynefin and "Light Float Sit," as well as 12, "Blackberries: Harbin Haiku-ish" poems

Young tapirs: "Harbin was alit in mid-evening," Complete recording of "Hair"

Sea Turtle: Jim Morrison of "The Doors" ... wow ... "The Doors --- Liquid Nights," So potent, this poem-video, how to rif as I listen, with - but don't watch, because I write - this here now? Jim sings a powerful energy ... I rif back with.

Scarlet Begonias Firefly: Let's re-write, re-rif a poem with this pipe major - Jim Morrison - here now which poem of mine? http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/search/label/poetry These? ... read and sung with nature in the video behind for what serendipity and Grateful Dead, moving toward Jim Morrison energy to open the doors of perception? "The blueness of the sky at night: I do choose to write the muse of bliss unfolding," "Firefly: I came upon a feast of lights spread speckle 'cross hill and vale," Drove into town … to write my book and explore putting my poetry to song …

St. Helena Gumwood: 'Great Gatsbys' in film, Loving Bliss Generation, ... Inspiring inscription to Gatsby, Audio text online for free but not in mp3 file format, WUaS Library Resources, English literature courses that focus on loving bliss, or even generate such courses vis-a-vis WUaS over the years, and to inform, over time, WUaS's English Department's focus?, (Yay for the invention/synthesis of ecstasy {MDMA} :), We/I/WUaS may have to write this 'loving bliss' subject into the academic discipline English literature, There's certainly a beginning of this in my poetry, How to get to these loving bliss neurophysiologies, and related, bodymind qualities of experience, and for 9 hours per day (e.g. over the next 40 years, not to belabor a quest of mine), for example, when and as one wants them (where is the metaphorical on-off switch / 'bliss' dial / cello bow stroke? :), and vis-a-vis WUaS, as well - e.g. this wiki, loving bliss subject, and even in Quaker ways?

Big, green, iridescent forests speak to me in Oregon, on the road to Reed

Blackfin cisco: Blackberry blossoms blush Purple softly, at Harbin, Fruit soon to come

The Gazebo Light Show at Harbin

Turkish condor: Powerful poetry from Alysia Harris (who's doing a Ph.D. at Yale in linguistics) ... "Cab Rides and the Morning After" and a duet "Harris and Jasmine Mans "Black and Blue"" ...

Yellow corolla: Monsieur Nikhil Bannerjee, master raga player, moved me along the way

Water lily flowers: In warm pool chez Harbin

... Accessible here at the 'poetry' label ... 

And here's the link to my Holiday Greetings' 2012 letter from last year, with more poems ...  

Flower ~ World University and School is becoming a warm ocean (Caribbean?) of flourishing, learning conversations ... enjoy the waters and the free, MIT OCW-centric diplomas.

All the best to you all in the New Year and beyond, 

Scott MacLeod

PO Box 442, 
Canyon, CA 94516

415 480 4577



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