Friday, July 4, 2014

In the Storm the Honeysuckle Danced

In the Storm the Honeysuckle Danced

In the storm
the honeysuckle danced,
and winds rushed,
while whole trees shook
to the root.
We lived through this hurricane
in a golden sun room,
with skylights,
and sun-windows
three sides' around,
at dusk,
glowily observing.

Snug and warm
in unheated house,
the music played
both inside and out, as this
east coast maritime tempest,
with its powerful weather,
kept us in.

A bird flew over,
sailing effortlessly
in these winds,
crossing one skylight,
and I marveled
at the power, at the shaking,
at the branch scratching at this house,
at this wind's strength,
for it is summer, -
and winter storms
are far worse, and colder,
and summer foliage
hasn't grown as shield.
This house sits steadily
in its dwelling-meditation
of sheltering protection
from this storm.

No lightning fireworks this eve ...

the evening before,
walking down
to the yacht club dock,
through, through the night, 
I drank in the glistening
orbs and rays of
lights from houses,
from across the pond
and over the water,
from boats at rest,
from here and there, ~
all softly imploding in mind,
This marine world glowed light
through dark
in extraordinarily beautiful, myriad
and sometimes shimmering ways,
all inner light shows -
over this watery land of is,
pre-storm ...

{... and the evening after,
from warm in my bed,
far across the waters
of Buzzard's Bay,
I could see
fireworks bursting in air,
over Westport,
celebratorily exploding
to sign freedom,
after stormy postponement}.

Thunderstorms without
lightning here in MA ~
refreshing and cozy it is
to linger inside, and watch
this blow.

And how wondrous it is to reconnect
with old friends here as well -

Happy Independence Day ~
Happy Freedom Day -

as the honeysuckle continued
to dance in the storm.


(There are only windsurfers at Cuttyhunk in general,
 but this is good stormy weather:)


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