Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bodyminds: Brains, Philosophy, Freeing Possibilities

Human brains are meat which can talk and think, among many things. They are also integral to bodyminds. I looked at and handled some animal brains today, and saw for the first time the real, gross anatomy of real brains. None of the brains I looked at could have talked, - we were told that they were pig, sheep, and cat brains. These brains were very similar to one another in size, shape, anatomy, lay out, appearance, - an interesting pattern that evolution by natural selection gives rise to.

In thinking about consciousness and to understand thinking, starting from the brain first - brain anatomy itself - makes most sense to me.

Brains can also dream, love, imagine, trip, think philosophically {think about thinking, for one}, and create extraordinary music, among many other things. Cultivating these aspects of what brains do fascinates me.

What happens to people's brains in warm water, for example, at Harbin Hot Springs, vis-a-vis the eliciting the relaxation response? and its milieu~ethos. And what happens to hippopotamuses's brains in water - {click on title link above:}?

the Harbin pools . . . :)

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