Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blue Spruce: Candles on Tree, Carols, Presents, Friends

We lit the candles on the tree today, and yesterday, while singing carols. Under the tree were gifts that we later shared. The tree was beautiful, both alit and not, ~ with ornaments, like art, from so many different times in our lives. We also shared meals with friends, and very good food. Ah, family and friends :) ...

But I'd like to return now to eating a delicious, very low-fat, ovo-lacto vegetarian-oriented diet (with a multi-vitamin for iron and vitamin B12), which I usually eat, as well as practicing yoga poses, as expressions of non-harming, ~ leading to good health. {How might these practices have a beneficial effect on the fabric of life?}

So these are cultural expressions, that are integrating, and express latent values {an idiosyncratic code, vis-a-vis TCP/IP - (transmission control protocol / internet protocol - the language of internet packet switching) as metaphors for cultural communication processes?}.

And this holiday is widely practiced in the United States, and yet not everyone, by any means, celebrates it.

How does culture work {thought about from the 'inside'}?

And the economy continues to be important. The Enlightenment vis-a-vis industrialization, with all their challenges, are processes that societies continue to engage.

Index, mutual funds {socially conscious ones?} seem to me to continue to offer the best potential returns - - of any possible investment choice.

And what might offer hope - in the fabric of life - through great vision, and materially, originating in the 1960s (with possibly 7000 generations, plus, ahead) especially for people with little opportunity? Solar energy? {} World University and School, where anyone can post or take a class - and which focuses, in part, on questions of flourishing?

And how can we elicit the neurophysiology of loving bliss, naturally, easily, and freely, as a kind of musical form?

Ah, the relaxation response ... and to the Harbin pools, soon.

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