Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Red Beauty Rose: Virtual Harbin, OpenSim, Streaming A Virtual World From A Home Computer

Virtual Harbin Hot Springs is one step closer to actuality today. I think there will be a lot of soaking, clothing-optional pool area visiting, dancing and camping in-world here. :) Exploring yoga positions, contact improv, Watsu, intimacy, unconditional dance, free-form dance, water, healing dance and waterdance in a virtual world is all possible and fascinating, but not as great as in actuality. And digital technologies make possible the exploration of these wavy and fluid forms.

You can stream a virtual world island from your home computer, so that other people can come onto your hard drive and interact in the virtual world you have made there. Similarly, you can go onto the virtual worlds they have made on their hard drives. This bypasses any 'central' server computers controlled by others, and is an example of how virtual worlds can become free and open. All you need is a relatively fast internet connection, a fast computer with at least a gigabyte of RAM, for example, new-ish MacBooks, and some know-how for installing OpenSim - - and setting up the network, which I'm doing with friends {Network with friends:}. I'll post how, to this blog over time.

Heading to actual Harbin Hot Springs this evening . . . for a birthday celebration . . .


As the bodymind~brain is a biological system, I'm continuing to explore how to elicit loving bliss, when and as one wants, naturally (and without side effects), and in a liberating way. The relaxation response is integral to this for me.

How to make 'chamber music' lifelong with bliss-brains together?

Let's . . . AW . . . love

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