Sunday, December 7, 2008

Botanical Gardens: World University in Facebook, Learning and Teaching What We Want, Loving Bliss

I started a Facebook page for World University and School today ~, adding a social learning opportunity.

We can teach what we want here, as freely and openly as possible.

Want to learn or teach how to elicit loving bliss? Do it here.

Want to explore the relaxation response with friends? Do it here.

Want to teach or learn Watsu {water shiatsu} in a virtual world (not nearly as good as in water with someone, but possible)? Try it here.

Want to generate philosophical conversations about consciousness, so that we solve this question: how does consciousness work? Invite and meet philosophers here in virtual worlds to talk.

Want to take classes through MIT's Open Course Ware?

Want to make learning and idea-exchange very fun, or share your unique knowledge? Here's an opportunity.

Enjoy, Create, Flourish . . .


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